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Poetry in Motion: The Significance of Deb Haaland’s Confirmation

Written by Soleil Gaylord Despite a global pandemic, bitter partisan divisions, and economic hardship, Americans remain overwhelmingly concerned about the climate crisis. 71% of the American population believes that global warming will harm plants, animals, and future generations, and 60% think the President should do more to address global warming. Yet, there’s a dissonance between the public’s alarm and the federal government’s action.

Youth and Frontline Coloradans Hold Press Conference & Call For Phase Out of Fossil Fuels

Mar. 18, 2020 – Denver, CO – This morning, a coalition of young and frontline Coloradans representing 350CO, GreenLatinos, Earth Guardians, and Colorado Latino Forum held a Press Conference prior to a rare joint meeting between the AQCC (Air Quality Control Commission) and COGCC (Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission) to demand leadership and commitment to a rapid just transition and phase out of oil and gas production this decade.