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Tips for Saving Energy and Money this Winter

What’s the cost of carbon? 350 members know it’s rising sea levels, coral bleaching and unprecedented wildfire just to name a few. The climate cost of greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacture and transport of goods and the burning of fossil fuels to keep our homes comfortable is a factor to consider in any budget.

Greenwashing – How Marketing Distracts From Effective Environmental Action

by Sam Killmeyer Greenwashing, green sheen, or green marketing are marketing ploys designed to get environmentally conscious consumers to purchase a product by creating the impression they are “green” rather than changing their business practices to be more sustainable. (Learn more about greenwashing here: Insidiously, some companies also use greenwashing to conceal or distract from business practices that are actively destroying our planet, poisoning our water supply, and hurting vulnerable populations.

Hero of the Month: Mary Lou Church

“The greatest danger to our future is apathy.” Jane Goodall On December 26, our oldest active member, Mary Lou Church passed away, peacefully, in her sleep, close to her kids, after a long life of caring. Yes, CARING is what defined her in my eyes (I only knew her for the last six of her 91 years): caring for people, caring for the earth.

350CO Statement to Air Pollution Control Division Concerning GHG Emissions Rulemaking

Statement from 350 Colorado for Rulemaking Concerning State Greenhouse Gas Emissions delivered to the Air Pollution Control Division on January 16, 2020 By Micah Parkin
    • Hello, my name is Micah Parkin, and I’m the executive director of 350 Colorado. 
    • I’m speaking today on behalf of over 18,000 of our members statewide who are extremely concerned about the climate crisis and as a mother of two daughters, one of whom has developed exercise-induced asthma due to our poor air quality.

PERA Members and Activists Hope New Study Will Move the Needle on Divestment

350 Colorado is running a number of campaigns focused on defunding climate disaster, including a statewide divestment campaign targeting the Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA), Colorado’s state pension fund. This past year, Fossil Free PERA members and 350 Colorado staff and volunteers have been calling on PERA to divest through presence at board meetings, supporting legislation in 2019 that would have required PERA to assess climate-related financial risk, and most recently meeting with PERA staff, Director and Chief Investment Officer on the issue.

Groups Deliver Petition Urging Boulder County Commissioners to Ban Fracking in the County

BOULDER COUNTY – Today local community and environmental groups delivered a petition representing thousands of local residents calling on the Boulder County Commissioners to declare a ban on fracking (hydraulic fracturing), utilizing the new powers from SB 19-181. This bill enabled local governments to take action as necessary to protect public health, safety and the environment from the dangers of oil and gas operations and eliminated state preemption, which courts previously cited as the reason they ruled to overturn Longmont’s ban and Fort Collins’ moratorium on fracking.

January 2020 Climate Hero of the Month!

Jenna is a student at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs geography and environmental studies program with plans to graduate Dec 2020. She is part of the Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability (SEAS) on campus. SEAS is a gathering place for eco-minded students on campus to talk about how to create a more sustainable future, to educate the UCCS community and to be a critique for any UCCS unsustainable practices.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

 Written by Pam Sherman 75 billion tons of dead, eroding soil from industrial agriculture flow into the ocean every year and more blows away, up to 100 times faster than it can be replaced.  Arid and semi-arid regions (like ours), where a half billion people live worldwide, are becoming deserts, according to a recent U.N.

A Letter to You from Our Executive Director

Hello fellow climate activists, As 2019 ends and a new decade begins, I am so grateful as I reflect on all that we have accomplished together over the past 10 years of action to return our atmosphere to 350ppm and protect life as we know it on our only planet. And yet, I’m also aware of how much we must still do over the next decade if we are to succeed.