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New! 350CO Local Food and Regenerative Agriculture Hub

It’s spring! People are talking about gardening and food–how to do it and how to connect with local regenerative farmers and ranchers. Because regenerative food growing is a vital climate mitigation strategy and to strengthen the local regenerative food system in Colorado,  350CO Regen Ag and Local Food Systems Committee created the Colorado Local Food and Regenerative Agriculture Hub Facebook group–please join and meet everyone!

Assault on the Environment as Pandemic Rages

Written by Ron Bennett As governors across the nation prepared for an onslaught of critical cases and grappled with how and when to implement stay at home orders to protect public health, it was business as usual at federal agencies determined to undercut decades of environmental protections. This timeline illustrates some – but not all – of the attacks on air-quality and climate as the nation reeled at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.