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NY Divests Its Pension Fund from Fossil Fuels

Authored by Mikkela Blanton & Ron Bennett While a large majority of Americans acknowledge that climate change is a problem, and while many people, businesses, and governments alike have taken action to mitigate climate change – doing everything from changing one’s personal diet to promoting biking to work to passing greenhouse gas reduction policies and more – the reality is that far too much money is still invested in fossil fuels.

Take Action on Suncor: Tell APCD to Reject Suncor’s Permit to Pollute!

Recently, Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division (“APCD”) announced that it is bringing the Suncor Refinery’s outdated operating permits up for renewal. Suncor, which sits just north of Denver in Commerce City, is required to obtain a Title V operating permit, as a major source polluter.  Title V of the Clean Air Act requires major sources of air pollutants to obtain an operating permit, operate in compliance with that permit, and certify at least annually their compliance with permit requirements.