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“Green Your Concrete Jungle”

Late summer is the perfect time to start greening your concrete. Save money on water bills, alleviate urban heat islands, and provide a haven for pollinators by starting a garden. Any patch of concrete or turf, no matter how large or small, can be transformed into a beautiful green space to enhance your surroundings.

CO Faith Community Leaders on Climate Activism

Many faith communities are often involved in social justice, poverty and inequity issues, but how are they doing addressing the Climate Crisis? We asked three people who have long been in the trenches of activism, to comment on how their faith communities are responding to our Climate Crisis. Their responses follow.

Write an LTE – Help Build the Movement Against Fracking

Letters to the Editor and Op-Eds are an incredibly effective way to inform the public and elected officials about the issues associated with fracking because the Opinions pages of a newspaper are among the most read sections.

Where to Get Reliable Climate News

The climate crisis is a rapidly escalating global emergency — however, few of our mainstream media sources give it the attention it needs. We recommend an array of climate-focused online news, radio, podcasts, documentaries and social media sites to help you stay informed and engaged!