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November 2020 Climate Newsletter

ACTION OF THE MONTH: Get out the climate vote! Join a phonebank to help voters make it to the polls. Take Action!  The Earth Doesn’t Care Who is President Our movement exists outside of the ballot box, and it’s not about a single leader. The climate movement is up to you and every other individual committed to creating a more just and equitable future.

Legislative Action Updates

Written by Marie Venner Awareness is rising in Colorado and nationally that the system we have is not the one we need.  We can do much better than settling for 70% dirty energy, continued handouts to wealthy Wall Street monopolies, destruction of the land we are committed to protect and the ability of all to thrive.. 

The Earth Doesn’t Care Who’s President

By Brigid Mark and Sam Killmeyer We’ve all been inundated with reminders to vote, and the next weeks and months hold a huge possibility for change. Election day is next week. But no matter who takes office, it’s important to remember that the fight isn’t over. While voting is an important part of enacting change, it’s just one of many tactics and only one part of the process of achieving climate justice.