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350 CO September 2022 Climate Newsletter

Welcome to our September 2022 Newsletter! In this issue, learn about the #FossilFreeFed Campaign and recent actions that garnered international press at the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, along with why Environmental, Social and Governance investing is still not enough to combat the climate crisis. Also, learn about Colorado’s ozone pollution problem and efforts by 350CO and partnering groups to enact stronger protections.

September 2022 – Climate Hero of the Month: Gina Hardin

Closing one chapter to start another is usually a bittersweet moment. As we look to the future we can’t help but also look back and celebrate how far we’ve come. We wouldn’t be where we are today as an organization without dedicated, hard-working people that got us started. That is why we are celebrating climate hero Gina Hardin! Gina is a long-time 350 Colorado Board of Directors member and one of 350 Colorado’s founding board members.

Curbing Methane Emissions in Cattle: An Unlikely Solution Found in Seaweed

By Joyce Lisbin Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that is warming the planet and stays in the atmosphere for about 12 years. While CO2 maintains a presence in the atmosphere for centuries or longer, methane warms the planet for a decade or two before converting into CO2. In those short decades, methane warms the planet by 86 times as much as CO2, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.