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350CO Climate Lobby Day: Constituent Lobbyists Urge Legislators to Support Key Bills

By Suzanne Plaut, 350 Colorado Volunteer Forge relationships. That was my key take-away as a first-time participant in 350 Colorado’s Climate Lobby Day at the State Capitol on February 10. Over 50 citizen lobbyists—teens, elders, from Pueblo to Denver, and from various racial and language backgrounds—supported by 350 Colorado’s stellar staff, held over 30 meetings with our state senators, representatives, and aides. 

Colorado’s Oil + Gas Wars: Still Not Over

A Background of Oil and Gas Development in Colorado In the 20th Century, most oil and gas production in CO was done through conventional wells drilled vertically, with the ‘nodding donkeys’ to pump up the fuel.  The practice of fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) and horizontal drilling exploded around 2008 after a national energy bill passed in 2005 that exempted hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act, so that the US EPA does not regulate the injection of fracturing fluids under the Act.