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Must read: The suspicious firing of CU climate researcher Detlev Helmig Helmig

Why was long-time CU researcher Detlev Helmig suddenly fired when his company tried to provide timely fracking monitoring measurements to Broomfield? The suspicious firing of CU climate researcher Detlev Helmig (click to read) The article’s original title on “Detlev Helmig Was Frugal With Tax Dollars. Then CU Fired Him for Misusing Funds” outlines a complex situation but my personal conclusion is of a bad faith action by the university that is best explained if we assume that it was instigated and influenced by oil and gas forces, especially considering that to my knowledge there is no precedent where such a case could not have been resolved by rewriting a contract.

How To Make Outdoor Recreation More Equitable

By Sam Killmeyer It’s July, which means that many Coloradans are making the most of the warm weather and heading outside to camp, hike, canoe, swim, and just enjoy nature. But the outdoors aren’t accessible or comfortable to all Coloradoans.  Colorado Blackpackers is a nonprofit fighting for economic equity and equal representation in outdoor recreation.

Trends and Opportunities to Elevate Regenerative Ag in Colorado

Written by Mikkela Blanton In the throes of the coronavirus pandemic — during which the integrity of food supply chains has been threatened and the implications for their various actors have been dire in some cases — exploring different avenues to elevate (the various definitions of) regenerative agriculture in Colorado has become more urgent than ever before.