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Coronavirus & Climate Change: Are Both Here to Stay? 

Author: Mikkela Blanton  To say that there has been a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the world would be insensitive to those who have lost businesses and loved ones, who are suffering pangs of loneliness, or who have experienced hardship to financial, mental, or physical wellbeing. However, there was one encouraging moment during the crisis–a glimmer of hope of what could be: when the pandemic hit and travel ceased, businesses shuttered and people stopped driving their cars, Mother Earth gave a little sigh of relief–carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions had dropped dramatically. 

The Realities of Climate Migration

Written by Kelsey Freeman  The world of migration is plagued with impossible choices, choices that aren’t really choices at all.  This was certainly the case for Jacqui, a Salvadorian woman headed north with her husband, Ernesto, and their three and six-year-old daughters. When I spoke with Jacqui at a migrant shelter where I was living in Celaya, Mexico, she was eight months pregnant with her third daughter.

PRESS RELEASE: Parent asks “What Will It Take?” To Shut Down the Wells at Bella Romero 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, July 30, 2020 Contact: Patricia Nelson,, 337-532-0135 Julia Williams,, 970-948-1439   **PRESS RELEASE** Parent asks “What Will It Take?” To Shut Down the Wells at Bella Romero  New Report Shows Extraction Oil and Gas Reported Leak Coincides with Date of Benzene Spike   GREELEY, CO – Mother Patricia Nelson released an emotional letter to Gov.