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If you change your habits, you can change the world.

Written by Sarah Giron In a time of never-ending uncertainty, it’s time we sit back and re-evaluate our consumption. We need to learn how to live with what we have and this is our chance to make the changes we need to also keep climate change at a bare minimum. By addressing these topics now, during this pandemic, it will have a ripple effect of creating a better world that we all want to live in. 

The Do-Gooder’s Guide to Investing: Use Your Money To Impact Climate Change

Everywhere I turn, it’s there.  No, not the balding spot on my head. But almost as bad.  Climate change. It’s everywhere. The news. Instagram. The mountain that’s on fire across from my house. [True story] How do we put it out? I’ve spent the last 3 years looking at how everyday folks can align their investments with their values–and in turn, take on the world’s toughest challenges.

Pandemics: on Covid-19 and the Climate Crisis

Written by Elisabeth Gick and Kim Osborn Mullen  Hopefully by the time you are reading this our daily lives will be heading towards a new reality of climate crisis activism, coupled with the ongoing threat of Covid-19. While new information about Covid-19 will undoubtedly continue, a lot of unknowns remain. It may be helpful to look at what we do know about both crises or “pandemics.”