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Spotlight on 350CO Local Teams: Climate Action Highlights from Across the State

We continue to be in a decisive moment in history between the future we are headed for and the future we can build together, and our local teams are working around the clock to protect the places we love, starting right here in our home communities.  While we work to solve the complex global issue of climate change, we are also focusing on our own home communities, starting with our home cities and counties, with a myriad of local initiatives underway.

On the Road with Earthworks: Tracking Fracking, Oil & Gas Pollution in Weld County

By Kate Christensen There’s an odd collective experience that is only true in recent memory: meeting someone in person for the first time that you’ve only met over zoom. That experience happened at the end of July when Katie and I got to join Andrew Klooster in the field.  Andrew is a Colorado Field Advocate with Earthworks, who is working to end oil, gas and mining pollution.

Colorado Groups Petition State & Federal Leaders, Demand Halt to Suncor Line 1 Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project 

DENVER – Today 40+ environmental groups representing tens of thousands of Coloradans impacted by climate change and air pollution delivered a joint letter opposing the Suncor Refinery’s Line 1 “Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project” supplemental crude oil pipeline expansion, which will increase greenhouse gas emissions and the toxic burden on an already heavily polluted frontline community in Commerce City, Colorado.