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*Dec. 11, 7-8:30 pm - 350 Roaring Fork Valley Conference Call

*Dec. 14, 3-6pm - 350 Boulder and Patagonia Enviro Happy Hour in Boulder

Colorado Rising!

Colorado is at a crossroads: The fossil fuel industry is invading our neighborhoods and suing our communities for protecting themselves. Get involved with the Colorado Rising campaign! Let's defend our health, homes and climate from fracking.

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Demanding Transparency & Accountability from Colorado Springs Utilities

350CO is demanding the release of reports showing air quality violations from the Drake Coal Plant

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Trick or Treat: An Environmentally Friendly Halloween!

Halloween is fast approaching, and while many of us love our little ghosts and goblins, princesses and famous persons coming to the door to yell trick or treat, it still leaves many of us in the environmental movement wincing at all that plastic trash that goes along with handing out goodies to kids. Probably the (More...)

Raise the Roof for Green Roofs

Hello, my name is Sunni, I am a 350 Denver team leader and I am writing today to discuss an exciting citizen led Initiative I have been volunteering for in the City and County of Denver.  We are very excited because we succeeded in getting our grassroots all volunteer ballot measure, I-300, on the ballot for (More...)

BELLA ROMERO : Words from the Front Line            

BELLA ROMERO : Words from the Front Line                                     By Shirley Smithson: resident of Bella Community I was asked to write a bit from my perspective on the proposed 24 well pads and industrial additions on the site near Bella Romero School in Greeley, Colorado.  I am going to let go of the facts, the (More...)

Introducing our August Climate Hero

It is no secret that 350 Colorado has the most amazing volunteers on the planet! As an almost entirely volunteer run organization, volunteers are the backbone of our work. They do everything from running local teams, creating art, rallying friends and family and everything in between. The Climate Hero of the Month program aims to (More...)

350CO Statement Opposing Suncor Refinery’s Request to Pollute More

Suncor Refinery Public Hearing 8/2/17 Statement by 350 Colorado Hello, I’m Micah Parkin, Executive Director of 350 Colorado, a nonprofit organization focused on solving the climate crisis. Over the last 10 years, we and partner organizations have held numerous public protests over the Suncor refinery’s repeated toxic air emissions violations and spills into adjacent waterways (More...)