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Celebrate Our Wins in Climate Crisis Fight

By Kim Osborn Mullen The world is a bit of a mess right now. Some have called it “crisis squared,” which seems spot on. As the cracks in our culture have widened into chasms, any wins we see in the Climate Crisis must be tempered with the tragic pandemic reality we’ve all been forced to endure. 

Protesting Tips and Tricks

As the protests across the country show no signs of stopping, more and more people are taking to the streets to speak out against the police brutality occurring in the United States. The protests for Black Lives Moment have sparked demand for change and reform across the world. As these protests continue, it’s important to understand how to stay safe and protest effectively.

Initiative 174 — for your health and safety

Written by board member Elisabeth Gick On June 7, members of the Board of 350 Colorado Action heard a passionate proposal from fellow board member Micah Parkin to form an issues committee to promote a 2020 ballot initiative for greater set-backs from fracking activities here in Colorado. The Board decided unanimously to embrace this task.