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Environmental Activists Get Creative During Coronavirus with Online Rally & Press Conference 

DENVER, CO – Today, hundreds joined Colorado’s first “online rally & press conference” during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The event, originally planned to take place at Bella Romero Academy, was hosted by 35 nonprofit organizations and local community members who collectively demanded Governor Jared Polis to suspend operations at Extraction Oil and Gas’ fracking pad just 1,000 ft.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  March 11, 2020 Contacts: Micah Parkin,, 504-258-1247 Patricia Nelson,, 337-532-0135 **PRESS RELEASE** New Report Reveals Bella Romero Academy Exposed to Unsafe Levels of Benzene from Extraction Fracking and Production State Failed to Adopt Standard Appropriate for Schools and Allowed Numerous Exceedances DENVER, CO – Nonprofit organization 350 Colorado released a report today, conducted by Barrett Engineering PLLC, revealing that benzene emissions at Bella Romero Academy in Greeley exceeded health standards appropriate for schools on numerous occasions while the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE) took measurements May-December of 2019.

March 2020 350CO Newsletter

“The language of the wilderness is the most beautiful language we have and it is our job to sing it, until and even after it is gone, no matter how much it hurts.” – Author Pam Houston (Pam will be joining us in Boulder on March 12, learn more here)”  ACTION OF THE MONTH: Send a letter to your legislators to support important environmental legislation this session!

The Colorado’s Climate Plan Doesn’t Measure Up

Adapted from EDF materials by Martin Voelker. A new analysis commissioned by the Environmental Defense Fund and Western Resource Advocates brings sobering news: Using only currently planned policies Colorado’s emissions will massively fail to meet its mandatory emissions goals. “Colorado set nation-leading, science-based goals to cut greenhouse gas pollution across our economy by mid-century, in order to do Colorado’s part to limit global warming to 1.5

Mile High Youth Corps Helps Denver Metro Residents Conserve Water & Energy While Saving on Utility Bills

During Energy Assessments, MHYC’s team of young adults (Corpsmembers) provide free retrofits to income-qualified homes, including energy and water-efficient showerheads, sink aerators, programmable thermostats, LED lightbulbs, and Ultra-High efficiency toilets. These energy saving measures mean significant bill reductions for clients, who can save up to $250 a year due to MHYC’s services.

Fix it! Our Right to Repair

Written by Elisabeth Gick  Saws buzzing, sewing machines whirring, people laughing, what’s going on? A fix-it clinic! Roughly once a month Boulder Public Library in connection with EcoCycle offers free fix-it clinics. People of all ages come together with their broken, torn or ripped toys, small kitchen gadgets, wearables and other items in need of fixing.

Senate Hopefuls & Climate Activists Meet to Engage and Inform

By Kim Osborn Mullen About 300 climate activists, would-be activists, and Democratic Senate hopefuls met in Tivoli Turnhalle on the Auraria campus February 15th for an afternoon focused on action to solve the climate crisis, called Planet in Peril.  The event was organized by Metropolitan State University Sigma Tau Delta and brought local progressive communities together, including co-sponsor 350Denver.

March 2020 – Climate Hero of the Month – Ron Bennett

Written by Deb McNamara This month we’re excited to honor Ron Bennett as 350 Colorado’s March Climate Hero of the Month! Ron, who is an architect and decarbonization advocate turned fracktivist, joined the 350 Colorado Renewable Energy Committee this past year and immediately became a lead in planning for our Renewable Energy Summit last October, which was a great success and focused on ‘moving beyond fracked gas.’

Phase-out Fracked Gas for an Effective Roadmap to Zero Carbon Energy

Written by Ron Bennett Would you invest in a business whose product continually drops in price to the point where competitors simply dispose of or burn their surplus? What if this business was also feeling pressure from new technology that could replace it at a very low cost? This business sounds like a lousy investment, yet Coloradans double-down on this investment every time the COGCC and AQCC approve another fracking permit.