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Colorado Climate Change Book List: Understanding Climate Issues in New & Creative Ways

By Monterey Buchanan In order to keep up-to-date on the impacts of climate change, there’s lots of reading involved:  news, climate websites, IPCC reports and upcoming legislation. But for those of us who also love books and poetry, it can be difficult to fit these genres into our reading schedules. Whether it be non-fiction books and anthologies, fiction for many ages, or poetry, books are not an escapist luxury.

May 2022 – Climate Hero of the Month – Julia Moravcsik

May we introduce you to our Climate Hero of the Month for May – Julia Moravcsik!  Julia, who joined 350CO in July 2019, sees climate change as one of the biggest threats humanity has ever faced. As someone with a special interest in electric vehicles, she specializes in EVs (electric vehicles) as a climate solution, but also works on other solutions.

On Earth Day, Groups Rally for Stronger Climate Action at State Capitol, Federal Reserve Building  

Thank you to all who joined an inspiring Earth Day picnic, march and rally with speakers across a broad coalition calling on State leaders and the Federal Reserve to enact stronger protections for our climate, reduce fossil fuel emissions, defund fossil fuel finance, and proactively fund climate solutions. We are so grateful to be part of such a strong community of advocates across so many organizations!