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June 2020 Climate Hero of the Month – Jan Brown

I grew up on a farm in what is now Greenwood Village, with my 9 brothers and sisters.  I went to a 3 room school house on the corner of University Blvd. and Orchard Rd.  My Mom went back to work as a nurse after my Dad had a bad car accident. 

Pass Gas, Drive Electric!

People along the Colorado Front Range had at least one thing to appreciate during the Corona crisis: that sickening brown cloud had mostly disappeared as a majority of our polluting cars, trucks and semis were forced to stay put. That missing cloud is actually a window into a possible future where electric vehicles replace fossil fuel internal combustion engines (ICE) in transportation, a future with much reduced air pollution and all around better vehicles that are cheaper to run and maintain, quiet, comfortable, and pleasantly zippy yet safer. 

The wide spectrum of emotional responses to the climate crisis

  Dear fellow climate activists, With this letter I would like to start a conversation about where we all find ourselves in our reactions to the imminent climate crisis. Climate grief, eco-anxiety, and solastalgia (the distress caused by environmental change) are real and with us just like the climate crisis itself.