Join us in building the movement to solve the climate crisis through elevating climate justice, working to keep fossil fuels in the ground, advancing fossil fuel divestment efforts and promoting local solutions.

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Join one of our committees and/or ongoing campaigns. 
  • Climate Legislation and Action Committee – Educate and push elected officials to take strong positions on climate change, track policy efforts, pressure legislators for more bold climate action, organize Lobby Days at the Capitol and continue the momentum calling for a Green New Deal both locally and nationally.  Sign up here.

  • Fracking Committee  – Continue our work to stop hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling in Colorado. This committee works to protect communities from fracking and collaborates closely with partner groups and impacted communities.  Sign up here. 

  • Policy and Regulatory Action Committee – This committee will aim to hold our agencies accountable by involvement in rulemakings, hearings, and other agency actions. We will push our commissioners to pass effective greenhouse gas reduction rules for oil and gas, industry, transportation, and our power plants; to center environmental justice in all rulemakings; and to effectively enforce rules. Sign up here. 
  • Defunding Climate Disaster/Divest-Invest Committee – Defund the climate crisis by promoting divestment from fossil fuels, including a Fossil Free PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association) campaign and a Public Banking subcommittee working to advance public banking in Colorado. This group also focuses on defunding big banks that are financing extreme fossil fuel projects.  Sign up here. 

  • Regenerative Agriculture Committee – Fight climate change with your fork, promote food grown locally using organic methods, regenerative agriculture, and carbon sequestration.Sign up here.

  • Renewable Energy Committee – Promote the just transition to 100% renewable energy, and promote opportunities to reduce energy consumption and transition to clean, renewable energy – including the promotion of solar, wind, geothermal, and other clean renewable energy through policy and education. Sign up here. 

  • Moving Beyond Coal Campaign – Join our Xcelerate Climate Action Campaign to pressure Xcel to retire the rest of their coal fleet at the earliest possible date with a just and equitable transition for workers. Fill out this form here.

  • Fundraising Support – Help power the climate movement by amplifying fundraising efforts. Interested in supporting our fundraising efforts? Email 

  • Newsletter Committee – Join a dedicated group of writers and editors who produce the monthly 350 CO newsletter including articles about climate issues and calls to action. Interested in joining or learning more? Email
  • Suncor Action Committee – Suncor hace que el código postal 80216 sea uno de los más contaminados en los EE.UU,  y es un ejemplo de racismo ambiental en nuestro estado. Únase al Comité de Acción de 350 Colorado Comite de Acción -Suncor, mientras seguimos el ejemplo de los miembros de la comunidad afectados directamente por la refinería de petróleo de Suncor. Tomamos acciones que incluyen proporcionar información en Español e Inglés, dirigirnos a los reguladores, empoderando las voces de la comunidad y apoyando eventos comunitarios. Email:
  • Suncor Action Committee (English): Suncor makes the 80216 zip code one of the most polluted and is a blatant example of environmental racism in our state. Join the 350 Colorado Suncor Action Committee as we follow the lead of community members impacted directly by the Suncor Oil Refinery. We take a variety of actions including providing information in Spanish and English, targeting regulators, empowering community voices, and supporting community events. Email Lucy at to learn more and join.
  • Movement Building Committee – Find grounding, inspiration, strategic planning and more this in this space! Every other month committee members convene on the fourth Wednesday from 6-7pm to hear from youth leaders, JEDI leaders, and others in how to grow and strengthen the intersectional climate movement across the state. Email to get started!
Join a Local 350 Colorado Team.

350 Colorado has local teams across the state working on a number of local issues. Each month, groups meet around the state to host events and presentations and plan for local actions.  It’s a great way to meet people working to solve climate change in your community and stay involved. Join a local 350 Colorado team near you. And – if there isn’t a team in your area, consider starting one! Contact our Volunteer Director Chelsea here to learn more.

However you choose to stay engaged, we look forward to our continued work together this year!

Who are 350 Colorado Volunteers?

We are motivated Coloradans from all walks of life that are working hard to build the climate movement in Colorado. We all have unique skills and motivations, but we have come together to form a community of climate protectors! We are committed to ensuring a livable climate for all and are focused on promoting local change through grassroots advocacy.

Here are some examples of what you could do as a volunteer: Denver Global Climate March3

  • Join one of our campaigns/committees
  • Join or help lead a local team (check out a full list of our teams here) – attend monthly events to learn more and get involved with local action planning.
  • Become a ‘clicktivist’! Sign online petitions, share social media posts, send emails.
  • Help organize a local campaign on one of our areas of focus.
  • Hit the streets with one of our petitions!
  • Assist in marketing and public relations.
  • Help us build our information base by doing some research.
  • Communicate and educate others on climate change issues.
  • Attend an upcoming event or planning meeting. Check out our calendar.

Want to learn more? Email to learn about volunteer opportunities and so we can connect you with another active volunteer or group.