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Post-Elections: How Colorado’s Campaign Landscape has Shifted in Favor of Climate Action

A lot happened in this 2018 midterm election across the nation, including a heap of bad news – including bad news about Colorado’s Proposition 112, which would have expanded health and safety setbacks from industrial oil and gas operations. As the dust settles, however, we will start to notice how different the political landscape is oriented.

350 CO Calls on Governor and COGCC to Pause Permitting in Advance of Elections, Citing Prop. 112 and Martinez v. COGCC Case

Colorado coalitions submitted letters to Governor Hickenlooper last week demanding halt to oil and gas permitting process at Oct. 29th Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hearing, citing concerns that the COGCC is increasingly approving oil and gas permits closer to schools, neighborhoods despite forthcoming Martinez v. COGCC Colorado Supreme Court ruling and vote on Proposition 112.

Help Proposition 112 Win! Three Ways to Take Action Now.

It has been an amazing week for Prop 112! With an awesome fundraiser last weekend and Bill McKibben coming to Colorado to support our efforts including a livestream last Saturday – and a record numbers of canvassers in the offices — the campaign has gained some serious momentum! With the election just 12 days away, we want to pull out all the stops and have as many one-on-one conversations with Colorado voters as we can. Many voters are still undecided about Proposition 112 and need to hear from us. 

Why Voting for Proposition #112 is so Important

Thanks to Bob and Kay Parker of Coaldale, Colorado for sharing the following speech offered in Fremont County, Colorado this past week. Bob and Kay, who are 350 Colorado Board members as well as leaders of 350 Central Colorado shared why they feel it is so important to vote yes on Proposition #112. 

Join Upcoming Civic Engagement in Climate Justice Workshops!

This October, 350 Colorado and the Colorado People’s Climate Justice Platform is hosting a free, four-part webinar series for Coloradans who are ready to rise and answer the call to action and advocate for climate justice this election and beyond.

Support Fracking Safety Setbacks this Election! Here’s How You Can Help

We have just 4 weeks left until statewide ballots are mailed, and we need your help to make sure that Colorado Rising Proposition #112 for 2,500’ safer setbacks between fracking and our homes, schools, playgrounds and water sources wins this November! To win this November 6th, we’re going to need everyone possible pitching in between now and Nov. 6th. Can you help?