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The Next Generation Taking the Reins – Recap of Pride Climate Strike

On June 14th, students and adults from a variety of backgrounds and organizations gathered at the Denver Capitol building, marking one of the first summer climate strikes. Participants helped to kick off Pride weekend by highlighting the intersection of indigenous rights, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and environmental activism.

Climate Hero of the Month – Amy Allen

“350 Colorado is so lucky to have Amy as one of our climate leaders. She doesn’t hesitate to take leadership where it is needed – and always follows through. Thanks to Amy for her time, dedication, attention to detail and important organizing work. We’re so grateful for all you do!”

Clean, green, renewable, edible and fun!

Promoting and supporting clean green energy is a major part of 350 Colorado’s mission. Three events this summer are designed to do just that: we’ll host a “Fossil Free Garden Party” on July 13th, a Renewable Energy Summit on August 17th (tentative date), and a Farm to Table Dinner the first weekend in October.

Understanding the IPCC Special Report and 2050 Report

The Special Report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the 2050 Report have provided a calculated and detailed glimpse into our future if climate action isn’t taken immediately.

Fracking News & Updates

Get the latest news and updates on our efforts on fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in Colorado. Since the passage of SB-181, we are hard at work ensuring that public health and safety are a top priority for new regulations & urging an end to all fossil fuel projects.

Clean Up Your Climate Lingo (Pt. 1)

Words are profoundly important. Words serve as an essential tool in communicating with others. We review some key terms to improve your lingo about the climate and environment.