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350 CO Offers Tools & Resources in Spanish: Take Action to Protect Your Community

  This Spring, 350 Colorado joined forces with coalition partners to host important community education and outreach sessions in both Greeley and Denver to consider the adverse health impacts of toxic air pollution. Presentations were offered in Spanish, along with resource sharing aimed at ways to protect our communities through advocacy training around fighting oil and gas development in Greeley and fighting Suncor Oil Refinery pollution in Commerce City & Denver.

Xcel Energy Accelerates Coal Plant Closures, Calls for a Nuclear Free Pueblo Continue

At the end of April 2022, Xcel Energy filed a new proposal for its electric resource plan that will have the 750 megawatt, coal-fired Pueblo 3 plant in Pueblo, Colorado close no later than January 1, 2031. While this is a step forward from the initial plan to burn coal through 2034, there is work yet to be done to ensure an even more rapid  transition away from fossil fuels in our state that is also just for workers and protective of communities and ratepayers. 

Divestment 101: Why Fossil Fuel Divestment is Key & How To Take Action

By Nicole Conlan A major pillar of 350 Colorado’s sustainability strategy is fossil fuel divestment (or as it is often called, Divest-Invest). But if you’re not a financial expert, you might not know what that entails. This piece covers both investment and pension funds as well as day-to-day banking, and how you can make sure your money isn’t funding fossil fuel companies.