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How Pikas Are Warning Us About The Climate Crisis

Written by Soleil Gaylord Miners brought canaries into coal mines for decades. More sensitive to colorless and odorless gases than humans, these small birds were the original carbon monoxide alarms. Carbon dioxide — another colorless, odorless gas — has now reached atmospheric concentrations over 400 parts per million, but instead of the canary, a small alpine lagomorph is our warning signal of what is to come for other species globally. 

How you can support #StopLine3

What is Line 3? Line 3 is a proposed pipeline expansion to bring nearly a million barrels of tar sands per day from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin. It was proposed in 2014 by Enbridge, a Canadian pipeline company responsible for the largest inland oil spill in the US. Enbridge seeks to build a new pipeline corridor through untouched wetlands and the treaty territory of Anishinaabe peoples, which includes the Mississippi River headwaters to the shore of Lake Superior.

Save SB21-200: Rapid Response Actions

SB21-200 is set to hit the Senate floor on Friday (5/12)! Polis is doing everything in his power to ensure it doesn’t pass the floor to avoid having to veto it. We need to tell our Senators to stay strong and vote yes on this important bill. #1 Call the Key Swing Legislators
  1. Sen.