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Coverage of Colorado’s Moving Planet Event

Video Coverage of Colorado Moving Planet: Video clip of Colorado 350 Bike Ride Courtesy of Ben Garst with Nickle City Collective 350 Moving Planet with the Boulder Earth Guardians – YouTube 13 hours ago – 4 min – Uploaded by earthguardiankids. 11 year old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez of the Boulder Earth Guardians Rocks it at Moving Planet in Denver Colorado.

Turn by turn route instructions

A detailed route map can be found at it up on a smartphone
  1. Muni’ to Valmont Event, depart 8:30 AM (3 options):
  1. Roads
  1. proceed east on Canyon to 30th
  2. turn south, on 30th to Arapahoe
  3. turn east, on Arapahoe to 63rd
  4. turn north, on 63rd to Valmont Event
  • Creek Path
    1. proceed east on Creek Path until it T’s with Foothills Path on the east side of Foothills
    2. turn north, on Foothills path, crossing creek, and again turn east on Creek Path at next intersection
    3. past 55th stay to right, curling to the south to intersection
    4. turn east, at intersection ducking under railroad tracks to the Stazio Ballfields
    5. get on 63rd east of the Ballfields, and proceed south to Valmont Event
  • Community Cycles route (roads & paths)
    1. navigate roads to just west of 30th on Mapleton
    2. pick up the Goose Creek Path there, and proceed east to intersection with Boulder Creek Path
    3. proceed the same as the above route
  • Valmont to Superior, depart 9:50 (2 options)
    1. shorter option, via McCaslin
    1. return to Arapahoe, turn east to 75th
    2. turn south, to Baseline
    3. turn east, to 76th
    4. turn south, to South Boulder Rd
    5. turn east, to McCaslin
    6. turn south, crossing ’36, to Marshall Dr
    7. turn west & curl right into lot w/ Whole Foods & Superior P&R
  • longer option, via Cherryvale
    1. return to Arapahoe, turn west to Cherryvale Rd
    2. turn south, to Marshall Dr
    3. turn east, to Superior Whole Foods & P&R
  • Superior P&R to Flatirons P&R, depart 10:50 AM (really only 1 good option, ride ’36 at own risk)
    1. Rock Creek
    1. return to McCaslin southbound to Rock Creek Pkwy
    2. turn east, to Coalton Rd
    3. turn east, again
    4. Coalton becomes Flatirons Crossing Dr
    5. proceed east past Interlocken Loop, to Flatiron Marketplace Dr
    6. turn north, to the P&R station/underpass, collect additional riders & go
  • US36 (bikes technically prohibited by CDOT, plus it’s noisy, stinky, and potentially dangerous… we need a real US36 Bike Route!