Welcome to the March 2024 Climate Action Newsletter 🌎📢
Activists gather in front of the Denver Capitol Building for Climate Lobby Day 2024

Quote of the Month 

“With the power of my future in your hands, open your heart, shatter the ego, and let‘s work together to change this world.”

– Dom Jaramillo, Ecuadorian Climate Activist

Action of The Month

Sign up to testify for SB-159 (Phase Out & Clean Up Bill) remotely or in-person on March 14th

Celebration + gratitude

Over the last couple of weeks, you’ve showed up for the planet in so many ways! Thank you.

Climate Lobby Day

Climate Lobby Day 2024 was a huge success, with a record 180+ attendees and cohosts from across the state advocating for climate solutions at our state’s capitol.

Click here to get more details on Climate Lobby Day or see more photos and videos from the event

Take action for climate solutions in Colorado:

Didn’t get to attend Climate Lobby Day, but still want to make a difference during this legislative session? Here are some of the most impactful ways to help out.

Sign up to support SB24-159, the “Phase Out & Clean Up” Bill on 3/14 (Important!)

  1. Complete this form to indicate your interest in supporting the bill through written testimony, testifying in-person or remotely, or by contacting your legislators.
  2. Complete the official signup process to testify remotely, in-person, or provide written testimony for the bill.

⌨ Learn More: (Takes 1-2 hours) Sign up for an upcoming webinar on SB24-159 (Phase Out & Clean Up Bill), hosted by 350 Colorado, Colorado Rising, and Physicians for Social Responsibility Colorado for an info session on the bill, followed by an optional testimony strategy session.

📱 Share: (Takes a minute or two)Share this video of the SB24-159 Press Conference – Phase Out & Clean Up Oil & Gas Pollution Bill on YouTube.

Write (Takes 30 mins-4 hours) – Write a letter to the editor about SB24-159 (Phase Out and Clean Up Bill) and submit it to a local media outlet! We’ve put together a handy toolkit for how write and submit one.

⚖ See Our SB24-159 Toolkit for More Actions: (Takes 10 mins-4 hours) – Take action with this toolkit by contacting your legislators, attending townhalls, sending letters, and more!

Insure Our Future

Early last week, Insure Our Future events were held worldwide, with multiple Colorado-based events asking local governments to choose insurers who aren’t funding fossil fuel expansion. Taxpayer money shouldn’t go to companies perpetuating the climate crisis!

Except for a few laggards, most insurers have stopped insuring new coal projects under pressure from campaigners. However, contradicting their own climate commitments, most insurers continue to underwrite the expansion of oil and gas.

Without insurance, fossil fuel companies cannot drill and frack new toxic wells, dig new coal mines, build tar sand pipelines, or expand oil and gas production.

▶ Click here to see photos, videos, and press hits related to the Insure Our Future events in CO

Take action to insure our future, not fossil fuels:

We would love for you to send a letter to your local governments or host an event whenever you can to make a statement together!

✉ Email: (Takes 2-3 minutes) Send this one-click letter asking your local government leaders to choose insurers who do not fund fossil fuel projects.

🛠 Use this toolkit to host a letter delivery to your City Council and/or County Commissioners.

What’s going on at 350CO?

To get involved with one of our committees or local teams, check out this committee list or sign up for a local team near you! See our calendar for all upcoming committee meetings.

Fracking Action Committee

Earthworks x 350CO Fracking and Pollution Action Tour

Earthworks x 350CO Fracking and Pollution Action Tour


  • The Fracking Action Committee meets twice per month, on Monday at 1pm. Our main focus? Keeping fossil fuels in the ground!
  • Right now, one of the things we’re working on in collaboration with the group Save the Aurora Reservoir is opposing a massive drilling project in Aurora with over 160 wells proposed.
  • Sign up for the Fracking Action committee to join us for online meetings, get action alerts, and be notified when we’re doing events, tours, and offering other ways to get involved. Contribute and show up as often as makes sense for your schedule – no obligations. We appreciate any time or effort you can contribute to keeping our state and our world beautiful!

Legislative Action Committee

  • Our Legislative Action Committee focuses on supporting climate solutions through legislation, generally at the state level. We meet every 2 weeks on Mondays from 5-6pm.
  • Recently, we hosted a Climate Lobby Day with over 180 people in attendance! Along with other people and planet-focused groups around the state, we advocated for bills that have the potential to make a huge positive difference for air quality, public health, environmental justice goals, and more.
  • Current ways to get involved are signing up to support SB24-159 (Phase Out and Clean Up Bill) through giving testimony, writing and submitting an LTE on the bill, or signing up for the committee to attend meetings and/or get action alerts delivered to your inbox.

Youth Action Committee

  • The Youth Action Committee at 350CO meets once per month on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7pm and is open to activists, and organizers age 24 and under! Sign up and get involved in climate action around the state with this youth-led and focused group.
  • Here’s some information about an upcoming community event hosted in partnership with some of our Youth Action Committee!

Mountain Phoenix Community School (4725 Miller Street, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033) is hosting our annual Secondhand Sale in conjunction with 350 Colorado, Spirit of the Sun, and The Clothing Cycle on Saturday, March 9 from 8:30am-2:00pm and Sunday, March 10 from 8:00am-11:00am.

Note, the address is on Miller Street but we will be in the big red building off of the frontage road. The entrance is there and parking is there.

This event is open to the public to cycle as much quality youth clothing as we can through our school community and the greater community. We have sign-ups for volunteers with Friday night being a staging party and a chance to celebrate International Women’s Day and the sale taking place the following days. Sign up here!

The sale is a suggested $25/bag donation with people bringing their own bags. This is sliding scale with people paying that price if they can afford it and sliding scale all the way to free if a family can use the support.

We are inviting our environmentally-minded partners to have information at the sale for families to learn more about their work. We will also have The Clothing Cycle present with their curated secondhand and one-of-a-kind upcycled clothing collection to shop. 15% of The Clothing Cycle’s profits will be donated to 350 Colorado and they will be educating people about the ecological harms of the fashion industry throughout the event.

Want to learn more about 350 Colorado’s Youth Action Committee(YAC)? Stop by the event to chat with members from YAC about how to get involved.

For questions please reach out to Kia at kiamruiz@gmail.com or (303) 579-1641.

Recent news

Colorado climate activists rally at Capitol to support oil and gas phaseout bill – Colorado Newsline

“Enough is enough,” state Sen. Sonya Jaquez Lewis, a Lafayette Democrat, said at a press conference alongside climate activists at the Capitol on Friday. “In order to meet our clean energy goals, we know we can’t keep drilling forever.” Jaquez Lewis is one of the sponsors of Senate Bill 24-159, which would require Colorado oil and gas regulators to stop issuing new drilling permits by Jan. 1, 2030.

Holding corporations accountable for America’s ‘zombie wells’ problem – ClientEarth

“Fossil fuel companies have abandoned millions of polluting toxic wells on Americans’ properties in a widespread practice that worsens climate change, harms landowners, pollutes communities, and costs the taxpayer. In Colorado, we’re representing one group of property owners in a lawsuit asking the court to finally hold oil and gas companies accountable.”

Last chance to tell the EPA to reject the Title V Rollback and hold big air polluters accountable.

In mid December, the EPA enacted a proposed policy stating in certain circumstances that the EPA may no longer review the legality of Permits under Title V of the Clean Air Act. The policy appears to state that the EPA would not analyze a state issued permit, even if it is flawed or unlawful. It is crucial that this rollback does not go through, as it would severely set back our state’s ability to regulate some of its largest polluters.

Please join us in sending this one click email to EPA Title V Rulemaking Administrator Pam Long, EPA Permit Program Oversight Lead DJ Law, and Air Permitting and Monitoring Branch Manager Adam Eisele, and tell them to reject this Title V Rollback.

Art & Activism: Let’s Rock – Girl’s & Women’s Rock in Social Movements

Many of the songs that were performed were ones of empowerment – taking on racism, sexism, LGTBQ rights, right to control our own bodies, gun control and climate change. Many of us embraced this forum as a way to speak up and speak out. Lets write and perform the songs that directly take on climate change, social justice and humanitarian issues! Volunteer column by Susan Heske on artists who use their work to promote solutions to social and environmental issues.

A huge thanks to our March Climate Hero of the Month – Susan Heske!

Meet Susan!

Susan has been an active part of the Newsletter Committee since she got started with us. She has written 10 of pieces in the last year! Through her writing Susan is able to share knowledge with others to raise awareness, create gratitude, and even inspire action.

Susan’s background is immersed in the realms of art, justice work, and communications, and it’s no surprise that they emerged in her organizing journey with 350CO. Susan, in a world where complacency can often overshadow progress, you stand as a beacon of hope and a reminder that one person’s voice and actions can indeed make a difference. Your passion, resilience, and determination serve as an inspiration to us all.

“For almost 30 years, I worked at The New School in New York City. In addition to my administrative responsibilities, I was involved along with students, faculty and colleagues in organizing many programs and events that dealt with a wide array of social justice issues.”

“I am someone, like so so many of you, who cares about our home planet and wants the world to be a better place. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunities to meet, to learn from, and to join with many wonderful folks in trying to make change for the better.” – Susan

Upcoming Events & Actions

  • Saturday, March 9th, 8am-2pm + Sunday, March 10th, 8am-11am – Secondhand Sale at Mountain Phoenix Community School with Spirit of the Sun, 350CO, and The Clothing Cycle (Wheat Ridge)RSVP here
  • Monday, March 11th, 1-2pm – Fracking Action Committee Meeting (Zoom)Sign up here
  • Monday, March 11th, 4-5pm – Suncor Action Committee Meeting (Zoom)Sign up here
  • Tuesday, March 12th, 6-7:30pm – Webinar on SB24-159 (Phase Out & Clean Up Oil and Gas Pollution Bill) (Zoom) RSVP here
  • Thursday, March 14th, 1:30pm – Testify for SB24-159 (Phase Out & Clean Up Bill) – Sign up to testify
  • Friday, March 15th, 6:30-7:00pm – Newsletter Committee Meeting (Zoom)Sign up here
  • Monday, March 18th, 5-6pm – Legislative Action Committee Meeting (Zoom) – Sign up here
  • Monday, March 18th, 6-7pm – Climate Policy and Regulatory Action Committee Meeting – Sign up here
  • Tuesday, March 19th, 5:30pm – Fracking the System Film Screening (Fort Collins)RSVP
  • Saturday, March 23rd, 11:45am-3pm – Fracking & Pollution: Action Tour (Greeley) – RSVP here
  • Monday, March 25th, 1-2pm – Fracking Action Committee Meeting (Zoom) – Sign up here
  • Monday, March 25th, 4-5pm – Suncor Action Committee Meeting (Zoom) – Sign up here
  • Tuesday, March 26th, 7-7:30pm – Youth Action Committee Meeting (Zoom) – Sign up here
  • Thursday, March 28th, 11-11:30am – Newsletter Committee Meeting (Zoom) – Sign up here
  • Friday, March 29th, 6:30-7:00pm – Newsletter Committee Meeting (Zoom) – Sign up here
Please view our full calendar to join local team meetings, committee conference calls & more!

P.S. Please support crucial climate action work in Colorado – become a monthly sustaining donor at $10 or more per month!