The days are growing longer, and how wonderful it is to have more daylight. The time change is near, and Spring is almost here. There is a lot to grateful for during this change of seasons, including our Climate Hero of the Month for March, that we are so excited to celebrate, Susan Heske!

Susan’s background is immersed in the realms of art, justice work, and communications, and it’s no surprise that they emerged in her organizing journey with 350CO.

“For almost 30 years, I worked at The New School in New York City. In addition to my administrative responsibilities, I was involved along with students, faculty and colleagues in organizing many programs and events that dealt with a wide array of social justice issues. And for a number of years, I was a volunteer producer at WBAI-Pacifica Radio in New York City. It was there that I was part of two collectives, a women’s radio show and a LGBTQ show. And in my 60s, I participated in Rock Roulette, a fundraiser for Girls Rock North Carolina, where I got to play and create music and rock,” said Susan.

So when Susan got started with us a year ago in March 2023, she was well versed in what collective action looks like. She connected with Chelsea Alexander, Movement Building & Volunteer Director to talk about interests, ideas, and ways to get started.

“What I really loved about talking with Susan that first time was that she immediately had ideas to implement, and they aligned with our work and goals,” said Chelsea. “Often times its a matter of feeling out what people are looking for and balancing that with what is needed in campaigns at that time. Susan was clearly dynamic and able to contribute in a number of ways!”

Susan has been an active part of the Newsletter Committee since she got started with us. She has written 10 of pieces in the last year! Through her writing Susan is able to share knowledge with others to raise awareness, create gratitude, and even inspire action.

“Susan’s Art and Activism series has been a highlight of the blog and newsletter at 350CO all year,” Ciara Guerrero, Communications Coordinator said.

(Check out some of the series if you have a few minutes!)

Ciara continues, “Susan covers artists who are using their work to communicate on social justice issues, including the climate crisis. Over the last year I’ve gotten to meet with Susan twice a month to chat about new pieces for the series and I always leave our conversations inspired and hopeful for the future. Even if you don’t get a chance to meet her, read her work! Susan’s writing feels like a letter from a good friend, showing you some of the brighter spots in these interconnected movements for collective change.”

Writing is just one of the many ways Susan uses her voice and perspective to uplift solutions to issues that are important to her.

“In my later years, I learned photography and also joined a women’s photography group. Some of us formed a small group to volunteer our services to local non-profits who did not have the resources to hire photographers. This also helped us to develop our photographic skills,” said Susan. Susan has paid it forward and has lent her photography skills to a number of events that were put on in 2023; Stop the Dirty Banks Action in Denver, the June Day of Action in Boulder.

And Susan never misses signing a petition or letter. The power of those quick actions add up and help tip the scales of change!

Overall, organizing for climate justice is essential for creating a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient future for all. It requires collective action, solidarity, and a commitment to challenging entrenched power structures in order to address the root causes of climate change and promote a more just and sustainable world. Susan has risen to the occasion every time and made organizing a connective experience.

Susan also volunteers with KGNU, a local community radio station with studios in Boulder and Denver.

“Thank you for the recognition,” said Susan. “I am someone, like so so many of you, who cares about our home planet and wants the world to be a better place. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunities to meet, to learn from, and to join with many wonderful folks in trying to make change for the better.”

Susan, in a world where complacency can often overshadow progress, you stand as a beacon of hope and a reminder that one person’s voice and actions can indeed make a difference. Your passion, resilience, and determination serve as an inspiration to us all. Thank you for being an unwavering champion for the planet and for your relentless dedication to making a difference. Your work is invaluable, and we are truly grateful for everything you do!

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