Feb. 28 and 29, 2024 – 350 Colorado, our local teams and partners joined forces to host several events around the state as part of the Insure Our Future global week of action calling on insurance companies to stop insuring and investing in fossil fuel companies and projects that are destabilizing our global climate.

We held 5 actions and letter deliveries as part of the Insure Our Future Week of Action!

  1. One letter was delivered to AIG with an action in front of their Denver headquarters.
  2. A second letter was delivered to Boulder County thanking them for taking action in 2020 to become the first county in the nation to pass a proclamation and create selection criterial to screen insurance companies to select those not insuring or investing in fossil fuel companies or projects.
  3. The other 3 letter deliveries (and press conferences) were to local governments urging them follow Boulder County’s lead! Letters were delivered to cities of Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs.

Check out photo and videos from the events here!

Denver Insure Our Future 2024 in the Press


How to help

You can support this effort to get public funding out of fossil fuels NOW!

1) Send a letter now to your local leaders and/or

2) Use this action toolkit to host a local letter delivery to your City Council and/or County Commissioners urging them to select insurers that aren’t insuring or investing in fossil fuels(Taxpayer $ shouldn’t go to companies perpetuating the climate crisis!)

Except for a few laggards, most insurers have stopped insuring new coal projects under pressure from campaigners. However, contradicting their own climate commitments, most insurers continue to underwrite the expansion of oil and gas. Without insurance, fossil fuel companies cannot drill and frack new toxic wells, dig new coal mines, build tar sand pipelines, or expand oil and gas production. We would love for you to send a letter to your local governments or host an event whenever you can to make a statement together!

Colorado Insure our Future Week of Action Events:

  1. Denver – AIG Office Building – 1225 17th St, Denver, CO 80202
    • What: We had Speakers/Public Opposition/Art!
    • When: 12pm-1pm Feb. 28th
    • Facebook Event
    • Why: To call out AIG for being the world’s tenth largest fossil fuel insurer in 2022, collecting an estimated $425-675 million in 2022 premiums from fossil fuel companies while also holding $24.2 billion in fossil fuel investments!
    • Questions or suggestions? Contact Melissa Burrell at melissa@350colorado.org
  2. Boulder – In front of the Municipal Building – 1777 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302
    • What: We hosted a mini-press conference with speakers and delivered our letter urging the City Council to make a policy to select fossil free insurers. We then walked to the County Courthouse to deliver a thank you letter to the County for being the 1st county in the nation to take Insure Our Future action.
    • When: 12pm Feb. 29th
    • Facebook Event
    • Questions or suggestions? Micah Parkin at micah@350colorado.org
  3.  NoCo – Outside City Hall – 300 Laporte Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521
  4. Colorado Springs – County Commissioners Office – 200 S Cascade Ave Suite 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Couldn’t make it to an in person event but want to take action?

We’ve got you covered! Click here to send an email to your local leaders now! Check out  our Outreach Toolkit to organize a letter delivery to your local governments, calling for them to stop working with insurance companies that continue to underwrite fossil fuel projects.

Thank you for taking action!

Micah, Matt and Melissa – on behalf of the 350CO Team