Stop Fracking

Good govs dont frack their peopleFracking is dirty, dangerous, and incompatible with healthy communities or a safe climate.

In 2019, Coloradans gave the COGCC a tool, SB19-181, a law stating that Colorado oil and gas policy now must prioritize the protection of public health and safety over oil and gas extraction. 

What we have seen since that law has passed has been incredibly disappointing. Only ONE oil and gas drilling plan has been denied since that law was passed. In contrast, the COGCC has approved 842 permits to drill in 2022 (as of October 2022).

It is time to phase out permitting and plan for a just transition beyond fossil fuels! Sign the support letter calling for a phase out of new permits by 2030, then share it with friends and family.

Read About the History of Colorado’s Oil + Gas Wars here. 


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Want to get more involved? Join 350 Colorado’s Fracking Action Committee to stay up to date on action alerts and to contribute to campaign planning.


Want to learn more about the dangers of fracking in Colorado? Visit our Fracking Resource Hub.


By the Numbers

~78,000 wells across Colorado

~78,000 wells across Colorado