Welcome! Stop by here anytime for a list of upcoming key action opportunities, including public comment sessions, public hearings, and forthcoming legislation and ways to testify. One of the most important things you can do is to make your voice heard. Please speak up for strong climate leadership!

*Please visit our online calendar for details on all of our events this month, including monthly committee meetings, additional events hosted by 350 Colorado, and upcoming trainings. 

Ways to Take Action this Month: (November-December, 2022) 
  1. Sign the Oil Train petition calling for a halt to the Uinta Basin Railway!
  2. Watch this video to learn how oil and gas fracking is fueling the flames for more intense wildfires in Colorado, then take action: Sign the Support Letter for a Phase Out of New Oil and Gas Fracking Permits by 2030 here.

Upcoming Hearings & Public Comment Opportunities: 

Engage at the Air Pollution Control Division: 

You can read recommendations from scientists and technical experts for more information. Then, if you have input, please submit your comments on the online form. More information and resources are available on the division’s website.

Upcoming Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) Public Comment Opportunities.

Stay tuned for upcoming hearings. Meanwhile you can email the AQCC with feedback at cdphe.aqcccomments@state.co.us. Here is 350 Public Comment on proposed rule revisions. Talking points for this rule are: 1. They are requiring the Social Cost of Carbon to be used but they do not specify at what amount. They are using an outdated discount rate of 8%. They should specify the same amount for Social Cost of Carbon and discount rate that the Colorado Legislature passed into law this year. 2. They should require third party audits of emissions reports by manufacturers, not rely on self-reporting.

Upcoming Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Public Comment Opportunities.

Please join us to offer public comment this month at the COGCC! We are maintaining a presence at the COGCC so that the Commissioners continue to hear from people concerned about health, safety and the environment. You can find talking points here. Don’t forget to sign up beforehand if you’d like to speak. Online sign-up is only open the week before the hearing and usually closes about 24 hours before the hearing. Submitting written comments is also a great option. Here’s where you send public comment to: cogcc.hearings_unit@state.co.us

Here are some general talking points

Here’s the schedule, where you will also find links to sign-up to speak when they become available.