Welcome! Stop by here anytime for a list of upcoming key action opportunities, including public comment sessions, public hearings, and forthcoming legislation and ways to testify. One of the most important things you can do is to make your voice heard. Please speak up for strong climate leadership!

*Please visit our online calendar for details on all of our events this month, including monthly committee meetings, additional events hosted by 350 Colorado, and upcoming trainings. 

Ways to Take Action this Month: 

350 CO just hosted Climate Lobby Week! You can still contact your legislators this session to call for bold climate action. More information on how here.

April Xcelerate Climate Action: Please email your State Representative and State Senator letting them know that we need to see more from Xcel Energy in order to put Colorado on the path to 100% renewable energy by 2040! Be sure to mention that you are an Xcel customer and share more about why you want to see Xcel moving more swiftly away from fossil fuels. More info here. 

STOP LINE 3! A Canadian Energy Company called Enbridge is currently clear cutting forests and draining entire wetlands to build a pipeline – Line 3 – through Dakota, Anishinaabe, and other Nation’s Territories between Alberta, Canada and Superior, Wisconsin. Line 3 threatens millions of people’s water supply and devastates wetlands and other ecosystems that local Indigenous Nations rely on for their food, livelihoods, and cultures. The emissions from this pipeline are equivalent to 50 new coal power plants. The movement to STOP LINE 3 needs all of our support.

Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission, Air Pollution Control Division & Suncor Public Comment Opportunities: 

Upcoming COGCC Public Comment Opportunities.

Please join us to offer public comment this month at the COGCC! We are maintaining a presence at the COGCC so that the Commissioners continue to hear from people concerned about health, safety and the environment. You can find talking points here. Don’t forget to sign up beforehand if you’d like to speak. Online sign-up is only open the week before the hearing and usually closes about 24 hours before the hearing. Submitting written comments is also a great option. Here’s where you send public comment to: cogcc.hearings_unit@state.co.us

Here’s the schedule, where you will also find links to sign-up to speak when they become available. 

Upcoming Colorado Air Pollution Control Division Engagement Opportunities. Please join for public participation in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from oil and gas operations. Register and learn more here.

Climate-Related Legislation & Upcoming Hearings: Please Testify or Send Comment to Your Legislators – Click here to learn more about ways to Take Action at the Capitol

For a full list of climate-related legislation and which bills to support and oppose, click here. 


Ongoing Public Comment Opportunities in Larimer County

There is an opportunity at 9:00 AM every Tuesday morning to speak during the public comment period at the start of the Board of County Commissioners Administrative Matters Meeting. These sessions are currently conducted in their hearing room on the first floor of the County Courthouse and Administrative Building at 200 West Oak St, Fort Collins, CO  80521. Please join our friends at the Larimer Alliance and in Larimer County on Tuesdays in calling for a halt to fracking! 

Tips and instructions for how to make comments to the County Commissioners can be found in this blog post. Comments may be submitted in person, by phoning in to the session, or by email submitted before the meeting.