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Moving Planet Bike Ride Preparedness

Are you participating in the Moving Planet Bike Ride this weekend? Are you new to long bike rides? Check out these tips for how to be prepared! Moving Planet Bike RidePreparedness Guidelines
  • Know “Rules of the Road”: riding no more than 2 abreast, riding in the shoulder or far right of right lane when there is no shoulder, following all traffic laws/lights, etc.

Moving Planet Bike Ride Specifics

Essential & nice-to-have items to bring along for the ride:
  • a buddy,
  • helmet & gloves,
  • sunblock,
  • signs, banners, and pennants,
  • refillable water bottle and snacks
  • multi-tool,
  • spare tube,
  • patch kit,
  • pump
  • first-aid kit
  • bike lock
  • bike lights, front & rear
  • camera, helmet cam
  • two-way radios (“FRS” / “family” type)
  • chalk
  • bus fare
Be sure your bike is in good / optimal working order BEFORE showing up for the ride!

Moving Planet Bike Ride Partners & Sponsors

THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS AND SPONSORS!!! Hosting Partners: Renewables YES Earth Guardians Clean Energy Action Wild Earth Guardians Ratepayers United of Colorado Greenpeace What the Frack?! Commission Transition Denver Grow Local Colorado ReDirect Guide Promoting Partners: Alliance for Climate Education Alliance for Sustainable Colorado B-Cycle BikeDenver Boulder GreenStreets Colorado Environmental Coalition Colorado Interfaith Power and Light Community Cycles Eco-Justice Ministries Eco-Town of Colorado Ego CarShare Food Not Bombs Fort Collins Sustainability Group KGNU Community Radio Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center Sierra Club UC Denver Edge Club Sponsors: Sustainable Oil Service Mercury Cafe Indian Peaks Water Green Spaces Larabar Real Goods Solar