Welcome to our June 2022 Newsletter! In this issue you’ll learn about evolutionary gardening in a changing climate, and why fossil fuel divestment is key to solving the climate crisis. You’ll also learn about Xcel’s updated plan to phase out coal in Pueblo by 2031. Finally, we invite you to take action this week by supporting our Mid-Year Fundraiser: Fund a Fossil Free Future!

Quote of the Month: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” – Alice Walker 

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Evolutionary Food Gardening in a Changing Climate 

Learn about a resilient gardening strategy for developing a locally adapted, healthy food supply – and one with the best chance of producing during difficult conditions, especially a changing and challenging climate.


Divestment 101: Why Fossil Fuel Divestment is Key & How To Take Action

Learn more about how investments (including your pension fund) as well as day-to-day banking choices impact the climate, and how you can make sure your money isn’t funding fossil fuel companies. 

Xcel Energy Accelerates Coal Plant Closures, Calls for a Nuclear Free Pueblo Continue

Xcel Energy’s new proposal for its electric resource plan will close the coal-fired Comanche 3 plant in Pueblo no later than 2031. The need to transition to renewable energy rather than nuclear remains critical. 


350 CO Offers Tools & Resources in Spanish; Take Action to Protect Your Community

350CO has launched a language justice program to increase climate justice advocacy tools available in Spanish, with new resources for taking action. Take action this month by signing on in opposition to construction of the Line 1 ‘Rocky Mountain Pipeline Project’ crude oil pipeline to the Suncor Refinery in Commerce City, Colorado.



Video of the Month

Running Low: Colorado’s Water Problem & Oil and Gas Pollution

The first webinar in a 3 part series hosted by Halt the Harm Network and 350 Colorado, this webinar series is a gathering point for people concerned with or working on water issues in the region. 

May we introduce you to our Climate Heroes of the Month for June – Katessia Robertson & Mason Smith! 

This month we are excited to honor two of our illustrious interns who have been with us for the entire 2021-22 academic year, coming to us from the University of Denver’s Graduate Program in Social Work. Katessia Robertson & Mason Smith have both been tremendous additions to our team this year, and have truly stepped up to be climate heroes in so many ways. Meet Katessia and Mason! 

Mason Smith

Katessia Robertson

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