350 Boulder is working locally to help solve the global climate crisis and transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable future.

We promote local clean energy, locally-grown organic food, low-GHG planning and transportation, no fracking, and a community that’s resilient to the challenges we face from extreme weather and ever rising fossil fuel prices. We are focused on municipalization, fracking in Boulder County, the fracking ballot measure and divestment. We meet monthly and are happy to welcome new members to our team to help lead the transition to a safe, healthy future!





The 350 Boulder County team meets monthly on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm

Our current meeting location is
Unity of Boulder
2855 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80304
(Folsom and Valmont)

Our meetings are open to all 350 Boulder County members and the public. Please let your friends know!

If you have questions, would like to get involved, or want to be added to the 350 Boulder Team email list, please email 350bouldercounty@gmail.com.

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elisabeth gickElisabeth Gick

Elisabeth is on the 350 Colorado Board of Directors and the co-team leader of 350 Boulder County.

“I grew up a city girl, but good fortune brought me to Telluride, CO in 1979 where I lived until 2013 when a newborn granddaughter lured me to Boulder. Colorado has taught me a deep love and appreciation for the natural world along with the strong desire to protect it for many generations to come. I can bear the present threat to our environment only if I stay engaged and active. 350 is the perfect venue for me.”

marksteeleMark Steele

Mark spent much of the past 20 years working with about a dozen non-profits, including a decade as creative director for Blue Planet Network, a global non-profit he helped launch in 2004.

“I’m now most focused on issues that affect my own family, especially future grand kids. These issues are global problems, created by us, which means we can solve them. But every day we wait, we make this task harder. Several years ago, 350.org impressed me as creating the most bang for the buck in terms of building awareness and affecting change. I wanted to get actively involved locally, and 350 Colorado provides the opportunity to participate in many great programs, that address the challenges of climate change, which we can carry out in Colorado to impact the world.”

See a list of our upcoming events on our calendar:

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