Welcome to our August 2023 Newsletter! On behalf of all of us at 350CO – Happy August!

In this issue, find how-tos for using public transportation for the first time, including tips for disabled people to improve their experience. Read an interview with a filmmaker working on a documentary exposing the harms of fracking and oil and gas industry corruption in Colorado. And check out a list of ideas for climate activism, no matter how little time you have to contribute to the movement!

A big shoutout to Elijah Molina-Moton, our Climate Hero of the Month! This wonderful community member is on a mission to make a difference. Don’t forget to check out the awesome climate action resources, like the Zero Fare for Better Air initiative happening now and a free Climate Wellness and Resiliency workshop series.

From all of us on the 350CO Team, we wish you a wonderful start to the month!

Quote of the Month 

“Even a wounded world is feeding us. Even a wounded world holds us, giving us moments of wonder and joy. I choose joy over despair. Not because I have my head in the sand, but because joy is what the Earth gives me daily and I must return the gift.”

– Robin Wall Kimmerer, author of Braiding Sweetgrass

Action of The Month: Write a letter to the editor on a climate-related topic close to your heart and submit it to a local media outlet. Check out this page for resources to help with the writing process!

Fracking the System posterArt and Activism: Fracking The System

Fracking The System: Colorado’s Oil And Gas Wars, a documentary film by Brian Hedden is in its final stages of post-production, has already been submitted to several upcoming film festivals with the hopes of a premier screening in Fall 2023. Get the scoop on the film’s background and creator with this article by Susan Heske, a volunteer with 350 Colorado. This is the 4th installment in her Art in Activism series.

Woman looking out a bus window

The How-Tos of Public Transit: 7 Tips for Beginners

Why should you ride public transit, and how can you get started using public transit when most people are so reliant on cars as a society? These steps outlined by our volunteer Monterey will help you get ready! Check out all her tips on getting started with public transportation, links to resources like the No Fare for Clean Air Program, and information on how to access transportation as a disabled person.

Press Release: EPA issues decision on petitions filed against Suncor’s Title V permit renewal

EPA denies 350 Colorado’s petition requesting the termination of Suncor’s Plant 2 Title V permit, but sends permit back to CDPHE for revision, in response to Earthjustice’s petition.  “It continues to be a toxic relationship between government and historically marginalized communities,” says Lucy Molina, Suncor community resident and Suncor Action Committee Chair, 350 Colorado.

Email on a laptop

10 Ways to Be a Climate Activist in 2023 (Even If You Only Have 15 Minutes)

Individually, we can do a lot to have impactful conversations and change the narrative about the extractive and exploitative industries fueling the climate chaos raging around the world. Here’s 10 ways to get involved, whether you have one minute, 15 minutes, a couple of hours, or more!


A huge thanks to our August Climate Hero of the Month – Elijah Molina-Moton!

Elijah just recently turned 11, and he began his activism just a few years ago when he was nine years old. He used his voice and spoke publicly at a community event for the first time in 2021 about his experience living close to the Suncor Oil Refinery in Commerce City. His tía, 350CO Frontline Community Organizer and incredible human being, Lucy Molina, helped facilitate the opportunity. It wasn’t very long before Elijah got involved again, and having a supportive network to do so makes a big difference!

Meet Elijah!

Resources & Links

Here are some links to this month’s helpful climate action resources. Use them, bookmark them, share them, and let us know if you have links that should be included in a future issue.

Zero Fare for Better Air. From July to August, RTD is implementing the Zero Fare for Better Air initiative, which entails providing free fares throughout its entire system. This initiative is a collaborative effort, supported by Colorado Senate Bill 22-180 and in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office, with the aim of curbing ground-level ozone levels by promoting the use of public transportation. Check out this site for more information!

2023 Climate Wellness & Resiliency Workshops. Feeling overwhelmed by the stacking issues of the climate crisis? Finding it difficult to take and sustain action in your community? Join us starting September 14th! Every week for four weeks, these workshops will offer a combination of teachings, personal explorations, and group activities. The activities all come from ‘The Work That Reconnects’ by Joanna Macy (author of ‘Active Hope’). Articles/video/podcast resources for the group will be sent out to engage with ahead of time.

Upcoming Events & Actions

  • Sun. August 6th, 8 am  – 2 pm – ¡Viva! Streets Denver (Denver)More info
  • Wed, August 16th, 12pm and 2pm – Virtual Fracking Field Tour with Earthworks (Virtual)RSVP here
  • Sat, August 26th, 11am – 4pm – Rally for the River, Uinta Basin Railway Event with Colorado Rising (Glenwood Springs)More info
  • Sun. August 27th, 11 am – 5 pm – Planet-Based Living Festival – (Boulder)Get more info
Please view our full calendar to join local team meetings, committee conference calls & more!


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