350 Colorado is working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

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Why I’m part of the 350.org movement


Posted on behalf of Mel Strawn, co-chair for the 350 Central Colorado team…  I am, like most or all people, many things. (Walt Whitman said something like that….). Some are or were: artist, educator, administrator, parent and grand parent, truck driver, soldier, retired, fisherman, tennis player…and reader. I’ve followed for over 45 years the emerging story of earth’s ecology, its history and prospects.


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Elisabeth and granddaughter

In October of 2013 I became a grandmother. Suddenly and forcefully, the survival of Planet Earth, the meaning of “sustainable into the 7th generation” struck a new, very personal cord.I joined 350 Colorado to be better informed and get actively involved. The to-do list for achieving a safe climate and sustainable future could easily be overwhelming, but 350 Colorado is tackling it through three main categories: 1) resisting extreme energy, 2) supporting creative local solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and 3) movement building – because the strength of our numbers is our best weapon against Big Oil’s Big Money. I am also volunteering my time as 350 Colorado’s “Fundraising Fairy”.  I’ve learned that as a young, vibrant organization 350 Colorado achieves a lot through volunteer work.


Great action today in Denver telling Obama to REJECT KXL!

No KXL Obama

Thanks to everyone who came out today to tell President Obama to Reject the KXL pipeline during his visit to Denver!  About 70 people, many of whom took off work and traveled from around the state, met the President first at Cheesman Park and then reassembled to greet the President’s motorcade as he arrived downtown for a fundraiser.


Tell Obama to Reject the KXL Pipeline – July 9th in Denver!

Obama pipeline

Posted for Ryan Denham and the 350 Denver Team …President Obama is in Denver July 9th. Please join us for a visibility action to let President Obama know that Coloradans want him to reject the KXL tar sands oil pipeline! And please spread the word! The bigger our presence, the bigger our impact.President Obama will be speaking mid-morning in Cheesman Park and will then attend a fundraising luncheon somewhere in Cranmer Park.