350 Colorado is working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

Join us here in Colorado!

Join us for a Whistle Stop Rally & Ride the “Climate Train” to the People’s Climate March in NYC!

Bill Sept 2014

Can’t go? Show your support! Help send a CO delegation and attend the Denver “Whistle Stop Rally”!  When the world’s leaders gather in New York this fall to discuss climate change, tens of thousands of people will be there to urge them to take action before it’s too late.  The People’s Climate March in NYC is happening Sunday, Sept.


Why I’m going to the People’s Climate March in NYC…


This post is by Michaela Steiner, a student and divestment organizer at Fort Lewis College in Colorado…   I decided to attend college in Colorado because of its pristine beauty and great hiking opportunities. I’m a native Coloradan and have always enjoyed taking walks through the mountains; the natural scenery here provides a landscape for so many amazing outdoors activities—from mountain biking to backpacking to ice climbing and beyond.


Creative Local Solutions – Community Fruit Rescue

Community Fruit Rescue

350 Colorado is supportive of projects promoting local, organic food because we know that our conventional farming and global food system contribute significant amounts of greenhouse gases into the the atmosphere exacerbating climate change – some say as much as 19-30% of total carbon emissions!  Growing more of our food locally and without petro-chemical fertilizers and herbicides is healthier for our bodies, gentler on our planet, builds a more resilient community to climate and fossil fuel price shocks, and helps us transition off fossil-fueled food system.


Local Solution Stories – Fighting Climate Change with Your Fork


In a recent e-mail, you asked for people to submit stories about local action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Here’s our story…  My wife and I got solar panels in our backyard, thus generating all of our own electricity, some years ago; and we also massively insulated our house, cutting our heating requirements by nearly 2/3.


Powerful Statements from 4 Family Members at EPA Carbon Ruling Hearings


Huge thanks to everyone who spoke out this past week at the EPA hearings regarding setting rules for carbon emissions from power plants!  Below are 4 moving personal statements from members of a family based in 350 Central Colorado…First, Mary Lou Church – a great-grandmother, survivor and activist…Hello, I’m Mary Lou Church.  I’m 86 years old.  I live in Salida, CO.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.