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In the face of low oil prices, big banks get legislation passed to place the burden of their risky side-bets on taxpayers

By Dave Granlund

(By Nathan Parkin)  Citigroup’s change to Dodd Frank Legislation leaves the taxpayer holding the ‘derivatives’ bag.  Low oil prices have major banks nervous of significant default in the oil patch, notably fracking companies that were bleeding cash at $100 oil. What better way to hedge yourself than to craft a change to derivative law and […]


Oil and Gas Force a “Discussion Among Dinosaurs”

doug henderson

Doug Henderson of 350 Fort Collins wrote this piece for the Coloradan. As the Colorado Oil & Gas Task Force draws toward conclusion, I want to share a perspective on this policy process with my fellow Coloradans. I attended the task force meeting in Greeley. I listened to hours of articulate presentations and civil exchanges […]


Please join us for Global Divestment Day – 8 events across CO!


Please join us for Global Divestment Day     8 events in Colorado!February 13 and 14: Divest from fossil fuels.Together, we will show that we are a truly global and growing force to be reckoned with. As the fossil fuel industry throws more money at fossil fuel expansion, we will turn up the volume of our […]


Welcome to our new 350 Fort Collins and 350 Colorado Springs Teams!

350 Ft. Collins

Think globally, act locally! Grassroots action is where we can have the greatest impact, and when we combine efforts across our network, we are far stronger than the sum of our parts. We’re excited that our network in Colorado is growing! Thanks so much to local 350 team leaders in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs who […]