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350 Colorado is working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

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See our full calendar

*Nov.18, 6-8pm: COP21 Boulderite Send Off Party @ Bohemian Biergarten (2017 13th Street, Boulder).

*Nov. 28+29: Global Climate March - Mass Action in Paris and Worldwide. Local details TBA.

*Dec. 1-12: 2015 CSU Fossil Fuel Free Film Fest in Ft. Collins.

*Dec. 9, 8-9am: Rally at Colorado Supreme Court Before Historic Hearing on local fracking bans & moratoria. Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center, 2 East 14th Avenue Denver, CO 80203.

*Dec. 12: Mass Mobilization - Standing Up and Fighting Back. Local details TBA.

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350 Colorado Calls for Decommissioning of the COGCC

Press Release: 350 Colorado Calls for Decommissioning of Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission   Group says the COGCC is failing to fulfill its mission to protect public health, safety, and welfare   Denver – Today 350 Colorado, an organization dedicated to solving the climate crisis and transitioning to a sustainable future, delivered a statement (More...)

“A Gangplank to More Warming”: Anthony Ingraffea on Methane Leaks

By Brad Thacker The fracking industry and most of its supporters – including President Obama and Colorado Governor Hickenlooper – tout natural gas (mostly methane) as a clean, green “bridge fuel to the future.” But as Professor Anthony Ingraffea stated in a talk at the Stop the Frack Attack summit in Denver last month, “natural (More...)

CLIMATE JUSTICE NOW: Denver Capitol, October 14, 2015

By Liz Fuhr “All About that Change” sang the Climate Justice Now rally. The spirited music on the Denver Capitol steps was lead by rhythms and voices of Nimbus and spilt over into the Rocky Mountains panorama. The message of Colorado 350 and other earth advocates was also pronounced by banners: 100% Renewable Energy, End (More...)

Colorado Falls Behind on Energy Planning

Guest commentary in the Denver Post from allies Steve Winter of Clean Energy Action and Kevin Cross of the Fort Collins Sustainability Group and spokesperson for the Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate: Colorado could once count itself among national leaders on climate change mitigation and renewable energy. In 2004, citizens voted to approve an (More...)