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350 Colorado is working locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

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*Sept. 17-18 - 350CO Statewide Leaders Convergence

Yes for Health & Safety Over Fracking!

Colorado is at a crossroads: The fossil fuel industry is invading our neighborhoods and suing our communities for protecting themselves. Get involved with the Yes for Health & Safety Over Fracking ballot initiative campaign! Let's defend our health and homes from fracking.

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SEPTEMBER ECO-CHALLENGE: Become a locavore – fight climate change with your fork!

Fossil Free Your Life – Participate in our monthly Eco-Challenges! Throughout 2016, 350 Colorado is rallying supporters to take part in a monthly Eco-Challenge designed to start us on a path to a Fossil-Free lifestyle.  Join the movement and participate with us!  Each Eco-Challenge is designed to be an easy and fun way to remind (More...)

CO Coalition for a Livable Climate rejects Gov. Hickenlooper ex. order on climate change

Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate Reaction to Draft Executive Order on “Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change”   For immediate release Thursday, August 25th, 2016 Contact: Kevin Cross 970-419-8944, info@fccan.org   Fort Collins, CO – Yesterday, a draft Executive Order titled “Mitigating and Adapting to Climate Change” was leaked to the press.  The centerpiece (More...)

We did it! Over 100,000 signatures delivered on initiatives to limit fracking!

Incredible news! Thanks to the hard work and perseverance of all of you and our partners who worked tirelessly over the last few months (and years), yesterday we delivered over 100,000 signatures on each of the 2 Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking ballot initiatives!!! This is truly a watershed moment, and we want (More...)

August Eco-Challenge! Go Fossil Free: Sign the Divest-Invest Pledge!

AUGUST ECO-CHALLENGE: Divest from Fossil Fuels & Invest in Solutions Burning the fossil fuel that corporations now have in their reserves would result in emitting 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide — five times the safe amount.  As Desmond Tutu states, “people of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change”.   By divesting now you can (More...)

What will impact markets more – Brexit or climate?

Guest blog by Garvin Jabush of Green Alpha Advisors, LLC – The UK has voted to leave the EU, and global markets, for today, are way down. But what, fundamentally, does it all mean? Why does a Brexit equal market turmoil? Will Brits stop all commerce, quit consuming, and cease all import and export activity? (More...)