Make sure climate justice is at the top of our leaders’ agendas and let our legislators know we demand bold climate action at scale with the crisis!

Ways to take action:

  • Click here to sent an email to legislators highlighting climate priorities for the 2020 Legislative Session, urging them to support bills to address the climate crisis and for a rapid, just transition to renewable energy.
  • Attend the next 350 CO Climate Lobby Day on Friday, March 20th, 2020! More info found here. We meet up at 8 a.m. at the Baptist Church by the Capitol,  have a light breakfast and an hour training, meet up with anyone else from our district, and then we all walk across the street to lobby our Colorado State Legislators to take action to address the climate crisis – no expertise needed! Thanks so much to everyone who attended our 4th annual Climate Lobby Day on Jan. 24!
  • Testify at the Capitol! There are many bills on climate and oil and gas issues that need your support.  Take a look at our calendar for forthcoming dates and times of upcoming hearings. 
  • Follow up with a call to your representatives calling for action on the issues you care about.
  • Join the State & Federal Green New Deal Committee! Educate and push elected officials to take strong positions on climate change, track policy efforts, pressure legislators for more bold climate action, organize Lobby Days at the Capitol and continue the momentum of our People’s Climate Justice Platform. Sign up here.

What we’re calling for: 

Climate change has reached a crisis point. Coloradans are suffering from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction and production and are already experiencing serious climate impacts such as more intense wildfires, droughts, floods, impacts on agriculture, winter sports, tourism and more. The most recent IPCC report says that global temperature rise must be kept below 1.5C to avoid the most dire climate impacts. A ~66% chance of achieving this goal requires net neutral greenhouse gas emissions by 2038 or sooner.

We urge legislators to support a Green New Deal for CO, including legislation that:
1. Halts all new fossil fuel extraction, infrastructure and subsidies, & transitions CO to 100% renewable energy by 2035 or sooner.
2. Rapidly decarbonizes agriculture & transportation sectors & expands access to public transportation.
3. Ensures a Fair & Just Transition led by impacted workers and communities.
4. Upholds Indigenous Rights.
5. Includes a jobs guarantee, creating good jobs with collective bargaining & family-sustaining wages.

Specifically, we urge legislators to support the following:

1) Defund climate disaster by supporting bills to divest public funds from fossil fuel companies & enable banking options for our cities & counties:
– Divest PERA from fossil fuels – A Corporate Knights study showed that PERA would have generated an estimated additional $1.77 billion in value, had the fund divested its fossil fuel stocks 10 years ago.
– Banking Options – Authorize banking choice for cities & counties, including options to bank with credit unions or form public banks to keep $ local.

2) HB20-1143 – Environmental Justice & Projects Increase Environmental Fines – Increases public health protections & maximum fine for air & water quality violations (allocated to environmental mitigation projects in affected communities).

3) HB20-1265 – Increase Public Protection Air Toxics Emissions – Creates a new program to regulate emissions of a subset of hazardous air pollutants, including hydrogen cyanide, benzene & other hazardous air pollutants.

4) HB20-1162 – Prohibit Food Establishments’ Use Of Polystyrene

5) HB20-1163 – Management Of Single-use Products – Prohibits stores & retail food establishments (post July 1, 2021) from providing single-use plastic carryout bags, plastic stirrers, plastic straws and polystyrene.

6) HB20-1180 – Protect Pollinators Through Pesticide Regulation – Classifies specific neonicotinoid pesticides and sulfoximine pesticides as restricted-use pesticides.

7) HB20-1045 – Energy Efficiency Improvement Programs Funding – Ensures consistent funding of energy efficiency improvement programs, including state weatherization assistance program.

8) HB20-1047 – Develop A Statewide Organics Management Plan – Requires a study & recommendations regarding organic waste management practices to encourage compost use on soil to promote carbon storage.

9) HB20-1060 – Natural Organic Reduction Human Remains

10) HB20-1064 – PUC Study Of Community Choice Energy – Authorizes two studies to assess feasibility of CCE, to permit communities to purchase wholesale electricity through alternative suppliers. Enables communities to meet renewable energy goals & save money without disrupting the local utility’s status.

11) HB20-1155 – Higher Efficiency New Construction Residence – Requires home builders to offer solar PV/thermal systems, prewiring/preplumbing for these, electric vehicle charging or wiring, & electric heating.

12) SB20-008 – Enhance Penalties Water Quality Criminal Violations

13) SB20-055 – Incentivize Development Recycling End Markets

14) Fully fund the CO Dept. of Agriculture’s (CDA) Soil Health Program in the Governor’s budget to support Colorado farmers and ranchers in climate solutions via regenerative agriculture practices & restoring healthy ecosystems.

Last year at the Capitol we:

  • Helped rally over 15 hours of public comment at the Capitol to support increased regulation on oil and gas development in Colorado
  • Recruited over 5,500 (and counting) signatures on our petition to Gov. Polis & sent him 534 personal letters
  • Sent over 2,000 letters to our legislators on climate issues & hosted four volunteer lobby days at the Capitol
  • Launched a social media campaign to pressure Gov. Polis to support science-based emissions reductions at all sources – reaching over 79,000 Coloradans!

350 Colorado volunteers at a 350 Denver Lobby Day!