350 Colorado’s End of Year Fundraiser – We’re All In –  has officially launched!

You can support 350 Colorado with an end of year donation, and support our powerful grassroots movement in continuing our work for strong climate action and leadership in our state!

As we head towards Colorado Gives Day on December 6, we’re celebrating all the ways we work together to create a most sustainable future and protect our climate and communities here in Colorado. We invite you to give where you live!

You can donate for Colorado Gives Day here. 

Your donation will help us continue our work together to secure: 

  • A fossil-free future: To avoid the most devastating impacts of the climate crisis Colorado must stop fossil fuel extraction, production, and investments.

  • A just & equitable transition: Solutions that protect our most vulnerable communities and dismantle oppressive systems that enable poverty, racism, and inequity.

  • Creative climate solutions: From renewable energy to regenerative agriculture, we are enabling clear and immediate pathways to rapidly reduce emissions.

  • A livable climate for all: We are protecting the places and people we love so all Coloradans have a safe and livable environment to thrive in.

Ultimately, what we can accomplish in 2023 will hinge on our ability to raise $100,000 before January 1st. You can support this campaign by making a Colorado Gives Day donation hereThank you so much for your support of this amazing grassroots-powered organization!

Did you know 350CO is about to turn 10 years old in 2023? Check out our amazing decade of history and accomplishments here!