We continue to be in a decisive moment in history between the future we are headed for and the future we can build together, and our local teams are working around the clock to protect the places we love, starting right here in our home communities. 

While we work to solve the complex global issue of climate change, we are also focusing on our own home communities, starting with our home cities and counties, with a myriad of local initiatives underway. 350 Colorado local teams across the state are working hard to secure a just transition away from fossil fuels, building our local climate movement, protecting the places we love, and advocating for just climate policy and leadership. 

Here are some highlights of local team accomplishments and initiatives underway: 

Spotlight on 350 Roaring Fork: This local team secured a fossil fuel divestment win in Pitkin County this year with the Board of Pitkin County Commissioners passing a formal prohibition against fossil fuel investing and adoption of Environmental, Social, and Governance investing criteria, making Pitkin County only the second county in Colorado to formally divest from fossil fuels. (Support 350 Roaring Fork)

Spotlight on 350 Colorado Springs: This team played a lead role in securing the retirement of the Martin Drake Power Plant that has rained coal ash and pumped toxic chemicals into its surrounding communities. Drake is slated to close by 2023, but the city has no plans to address the ongoing health issues it has given nearby residents. 350 CO Springs continues efforts to ensure a just and equitable transition away from Drake and be a watchdog on Colorado Springs energy policy. (Support 350 Colorado Springs)

Spotlight on 350 Northern Colorado: 350 NoCo is launching a targeted divestment campaign this Fall, and has been working tirelessly to support youth climate action and the Youth v. Gov court case. The team has also been fighting fracking in Weld and Larimer counties, mobilizing public pressure and testimony at relevant state and local public hearings. 350NoCo has organized countless events calling for stronger protections for students at Bella Romero Academy, fighting for clean air and a halt to neighborhood fracking, especially near schools. (Support 350 Northern Colorado) 

350 NoCo Team Members at an art build, 2022

Spotlight on 350 Boulder County: Boulder County became the first county in the nation to screen insurance providers based on climate goals and fossil fuel investment practices, with 350CO leading the call to action. 350 Boulder County also worked to secure the strictest county fracking regulations in the state, which prevented a 140-well mega-pad from being constructed near Niwot High School. (Support 350 Boulder County) 

Spotlight on 350 Denver: 350 Metro Denver played a strong role in organizing for the EPA’s rejection of Suncor’s title V permit for plant 2, citing environmental justice concerns, and supported Ecocycle in their victory of passing the “pay-as-you-throw” initiative which will help divert tons of waste from landfills to recycling and composting facilities. This team has been hosting trainings in Commcerce City to educate and uplift the community most affected by Suncor Refinery’s toxic load and most recently has been protesting against the Line 1 Rocky Mountain Pipeline expansion project. (Support 350 Metro Denver)

350 Colorado local teams organized groups from across the state to call on the Federal Reserve for stronger climate action, 2022