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Excited about our Winter Environmental film series? We are too!

350 Roaring Fork will be hosting a winter film series from January 11th through March 27th at the Carbondale Library (CBL) and the Glenwood Springs Branch Library (GBL). Filmmaker Brian Hedden will make an in-person appearance to show his film on Feb 24th! We have also partnered with Skyhook Solar for this event and they will plan to make an appearance at one of our future showings (TBD). If you have any questions please contact fredmalo49@gmail.com

These films will be free to the public but we a suggest a $5 – $10 donation to help us keep the series going! Thank you so much for your generosity if you have already donated!

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Lawns to Gardens

Stop Wells Fargo’s Money Pipeline!

Lawns to Gardens

Green turf grass covers 40 million acres—2% of the U.S. land area—making it the largest irrigated crop we grow. That’s according to NASA. 40 million acres is larger than the state of Georgia. All for growing a monoculture of ornamental grass that you can’t eat.

We pour 9 billion gallons of water on our lawns EVERY DAY, according to the EPA. That is precious water we can’t afford to waste in the arid West. Outdoor watering represents the “consumptive” use of household water, versus indoor water use, which returns to the wastewater treatment plant and then to the water table. (14% of Colorado River diversions go to towns and cities; 84% goes to agriculture, which in Colorado is mostly hay and alfalfa to feed cattle).

On our lawns we dump fertilizer (synthesized with methane gas) and chemical herbicides like Roundup, containing glyphosate, which the World Health Organization classifies as a “probable carcinogen” in humans not to mention it negatively affects our much needed pollinators seed distributors.

Lawns involve mowing, weed whacking and leaf blowing. These 2-stroke gas-powered machines emit disproportionately more carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and smog-forming VOCs than cars or trucks. So much so that the California Air Resources Board found a best-selling lawn mower emitted as many VOCs as driving a Toyota Camry 300 miles.

350 Roaring Fork wants to see town medians and grounds around homeowners and condominium associations converted to native vegetation or gardens. We want to expand community and school gardens, develop gardening and farming apprenticeships and foster collaboration and resource-sharing among gardeners, food banks and markets.

Join our effort! Email: matt@350colorado.org.

Stop Wells Fargo’s Money Pipeline!

Wells Fargo has loaned coal, oil and gas companies $272 BILLION since the Paris Climate Accords. This makes Wells Fargo is the third leading financier of fossil fuels in the world, after Chase Bank and Citigroup.

Wall Street banks are obviously in the business of making money by any means possible. Recently, that has been achieved through blocking action to address the climate crisis; further perpetuating a negligent fossil fuel industry. The industry is still leveraging key members of Congress to make sure nothing is done, and is backed by four household name banks—Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.

Those billions of dollars could go toward renewable energy and other climate solutions. The low-carbon energy transition is going to cost billions of dollars. Ultimately, we can’t afford to finance new fossil fuel projects. End of story.

The encouraging thing is these are our banks! Or we know someone with a credit card, account or loan with one of these banks. And the only thing as valuable to a Wall Street bank as profit is name brand. Bad publicity hurts the bottom line.

If you bank with Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo or Bank of America, tell the CEO to stop financing climate destruction and start financing climate solutions. Move your money to a local community bank or credit union. Tell your friends and family.

Visit the Customers for Climate Justice Campaign site here to sign an open letter, call or email your bank CEO:


Resource on how to move your money out of the banks funding climate chaos:




Carbondale Climate Strike, September 2019


A few of the major accomplishments of the 350 Roaring Fork Team include: 

  • Played a pivotal role in the denial of the Uinta Basin Railway that threatened to traffic huge amounts of waxy heated crude oil though the fragile Glenwood Canyon!
  • Compelling the City of Aspen to divest their $3.1 million in Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company of coal power plants and gas pipeline builders and operators.
  • Hosting the Carbondale Youth Climate Strike in September of 2019 which brought hundreds of community members together for climate action. 
  • Organizing testimony and travel to hearings at the Garfield County Commissioners, COGCC, AQCC, CDPHE, and legislative hearings in Glenwood Springs, Denver, Rifle, and Grand Junction. 
  • Educating hundreds of community members through documentary screenings, workshops, and tabling at local events, and farmers markets. 
  • Standing up against fossil fuel projects by gathering thousands of signatures for state ballot initiatives and rallying support to stand with impacted communities in Battlement Mesa & Paonia.
  • Publishing dozens of LTE’s/OP-Eds on climate issues in local and state news outlets 
  • We supported fellow organizations working to protect the Roaring Fork Valley
  • We marched, demonstrated, attended meetings, wrote letters and postcards, called our representatives and defended Mother Earth in every way we could think of!

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