350 Colorado strongly promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation.  We support community efforts, investments and policies that promote the wise use of energy and the transition to clean renewable energy. By transitioning away from fossil fuels, we can invest in the new renewable energy economy which will create many stable jobs for Coloradans. Colorado is ranked 10th in the nation in capacity for solar energy production and is the 11th largest producer of solar power, and in 2018 was ranked 7th in renewable energy jobs. 

Colorado is home to at least nine communities that have committed to clean, renewable electricity. This momentum has pushed the state’s utilities to respond to customer demands for cleaner energy. As cities and our state move towards 100% renewable, 350 Colorado will support policies that ensure an equitable, distributed, and resilient transition.

How Can You Take Action?

  • Join the 350 CO Renewable Energy Committee to receive ongoing action alerts and stay up to date with ways to support the renewable energy transition at the Colorado legislature and beyond.
  • Begin making the personal switch to renewables! When possible, choose an electric vehicle, choose solar or wind power, explore alternative heating and cooling options such as geothermal or solar.
  • Support policies that will expedite the transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy future.
  • Advocate for systemic change and renewables at your workplace, the businesses you frequent, and at the city, county, and state levels.
  • If you live in Boulder County, join Boulder’s efforts to “municipalize” – to create a locally-owned electric utility that is sourced primarily from renewable energy and prioritizes local renewables and incentivizing energy efficiency. You can read more about coalition efforts for clean local power here: Empower Our Future and Renewables Yes!


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