Thank you so much for your support of the June 2023 Colorado Day of Action to Phase Out Fracking! If you are a Colorado voter (or will be next year!), be sure to complete the Pledge to Sign to bring the fracking phase out to the Colorado 2024 statewide ballot! 

Then, we need EVERYONE to help us SPREAD THE WORD for a chance to win these awesome prizes!! 

  • Patagonia prizes (Photos of the Patagonia items we have for the giveaway)
  • LUSH prizes (Images and details to come!)

Here’s how to enter the giveaway

From June 9th to June 18th, 2023, complete these steps to be entered to win one of the prizes!

  1. SPREAD THE WORD about the pledge to sign through one or more of these methods: social media posts, social media direct messages, emails, phone calls, texts, etc. (see below!) 
  2. Tell us how you helped SPREAD THE WORD via this quick submission form here and be entered to win once for each spread the word action item you complete. 


Images of the Patagonia gear you can with by spreading the word about the pledge to sign

Ways to spread the word:

  1. Share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – sample posts
  2. Text or DM your contacts – sample messages 
  3. Email to friends and family – sample email
  4. Email to an elected or community leader – sample email 
  5. Email to an organization you know – sample email
  6. Email a Colorado business – sample email 
  7. Call a business or elected or community leader – sample script
  8. Other – use your imagination! How else can you help SPREAD THE WORD? 


Why help spread the word?

Oil and gas fracking in Colorado is the #1 source of pollution causing the climate crisis and our ‘severe’ ozone air quality issues along the front range.

Yet, our state and local governments continue to approve new oil & gas fracking permits at an alarming rate, continuing to lock in additional emissions for years to come.

Even though the oil and gas extraction industry (including pipeline construction and transportation industries and support industries for oil & gas) make up just 1.8% of total wages in the state, 3.4% of total personal income, 3.3% of GDP and less than 1% (0.7%) of total employment, Coloradans’ climate, health, water, air, and wildlife continue to pay the enormous costs of continued fossil fuel extraction in our State.

It’s time to protect Colorado’s land, air, and water and make sure we build a stronger economy for the 21st Century! 


What are we doing about it?

That’s why Safe & Healthy Colorado and partners are calling for a phase out of all new fracking permits by 2030! We’re working together to put the fracking phase out on the Colorado 2024 statewide ballot – but it’s going to take ALL of us to win this fight! 

We need YOUR HELP!! Every Pledge to Sign we can get this year gives us a head start and will conserve resources next year when we will need to get over 125,000 petition signatures to get the measure on the statewide ballot. SPREAD THE WORD now to help smash our goal of 5,000 pledges by June 18th!

Win free Patagonia gear or Lush cosmetics prizes by spreading the word about the pledge to sign