Creating a community garden with coalition partners, 2019

350 Colorado is committed to cultivating personal resilience in our work to address climate change and the associated complex and systemic issues that arise while working for change.

Below is a list of upcoming opportunities to learn more and get involved. Please join us along with our allies who are facilitating these important experiences. 

Thicket – An 8 week online climate-focused resiliency training starting May 2nd. We put together specific evidence-based practices focusing on strengthening self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and strategies to maintain our engagement with the more-than-human world. We will be meeting for 8 weeks, divided into 4 different modules that will provide a variety of contemplative practices, nature journeys, and resources to read, watch, and engage within during our weekly circles. This group is for everyone who relates to climate distress, wants to connect with others about this topic and learn more about emotional resiliency.

Work That Reconnects Workshop – 3 day in-person workshop in Boulder, Co May 18th (4pm) – May 21st (2:30pm) with Adrián Villaseñor PhD, a wonderful teacher and longtime student of Joanna Macy.

The WTR is a pioneering body of work that has helped thousands of people over more than 40 years to better face the complex and often overwhelming socio-ecological realities of our day. Climate change, ecological devastation, political polarization, widespread pollution, loss of meaning–these and other planet-sized challenges call for a renewed understanding of our place amidst life’s web. The WTR makes way for a shift in consciousness that forefronts our intimate allegiance with life, helping overcome apathy and despair and tapping into Earth’s self-healing qualities. In the workshop we will be following the structure of the WTR Spiral, integrating group work, theoretical sessions, meditation, ritual and Earth reconnection in service of self-discovery and resilience.

This workshop is for everyone interested in developing an inner resilience and crafting a healthier relation to self and world amidst the socio-ecological, as well as health care and counseling professionals, teachers, coaches, wellness practitioners, and community leaders interested in refining their WTR facilitation skills.