Welcome to the October 2023 Climate Action Newsletter

First, a little breaking news. 👀 Watch organizers from 350CO and Rainforest Action Network interrupt a fancy insurance conference to bring attention to their refusal to stop insuring fossil fuel infrastructure and put people over profit.

Activists, organizers, community member rally outside of the Insurance Leadership Forum Oct. 2023

In this issue, take action, even if you only have a few minutes to give! All of us working together for a better world is exactly what will create that world. Thank you for being here. 💚

Quote of the Month 

“What if your power in this fight lies not in what you can do as an individual but in your ability to be part of a collective?”

– Mary Annaïse Heglar, quoted in “Not Too Late” edited by Rebecca Solnit & Thema Young Lutunatabua

Action of The Month: Tell insurance companies to stop insuring methane gas infrastructure – send a one-click letter

How to take action this month:

📱 Share: (Takes a minute or two) Share an Instagram or Facebook post with the video of the interruption at the Insurance Leadership Conference this morning and share your thoughts on why insurers need to put people over profit. Add this link to prompt your network to send a one-click email to insurance companies to ask them to make a change and stop insuring fossil fuels.

✍ Write: (Takes about 1-4 hours) Write and submit a letter to the editor or short opinion piece to a Colorado newspaper on a climate-related issue of your choice. Right now, we are asking for letters on the recently passed and wildly insufficient GEMM2 rules. Here’s a toolkit for writing on this topic.

🗣 Testify: (Takes 4+ hours) Come down to the County Commissioners Hearing in Aurora on Tuesday, October 10th to speak up for stronger oil & gas regulations. Aurora is at risk of lots of new fracking projects, which would harm and pollute the community. Get more info or RSVP here to join us in speaking up.

What’s going on at 350CO?

  • Suncor Action Committee is working on an open letter to call for the shutdown of Suncor and a justice-based transition for workers and community members. Join this committee.
  • Climate Policy & Regulatory Action Committee is working on a petition to tell Governor Polis to put people over profit and reduce pollution from Industry. Join this committee.
  • Youth Action Committee is mobilizing students for phasing out fracking in Colorado. Join this committee (Ages 24 and under).

And that’s just the tip of the climate action iceberg this month! If you’re interested in getting involved with climate action or volunteering with us, reply to this email with what you’re interested in working on or check out this list of committees and join one that matches your interests.

Colorado’s New Air Quality Rules Put Profit Over People

“In the 3-day hearing, lighthearted banter among the commissioners, division and some parties was a surreal contrast with emotional testimony from community members who are poisoned by pollution and people who are fighting air pollution and climate change like the matter of life and death it is. I wonder how many members of the public felt insulted. I know I did.” Read this new opinion piece on new rules approved by Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission. Written by Heidi Leathwood of 350CO.

How Colorado Protects Water from Oil and Gas Contamination

“Water is life. Water is precious. And a lot of water is used up and made permanently toxic by fracking. Not to mention that spills and leaks from oil and gas can contaminate our groundwater and our surface water,” said Bobbie Mooney, an organizer with the grassroots group 350 Colorado. “To have spaces like this risking contamination from oil and gas is really upsetting and concerning because once it’s contaminated, there’s really no undoing that.”

Art & Activism: Climate Change Inspired Album “Matriarch” Goes Live, Bandcamp Proceeds Benefit 350CO

James Daly’s Earth-inspired album. The release of Matriarch is something James really wanted to do with the intention and hope that more artists will engage in the conversation about climate change. Susan Heske continues coverage on the intersection of art & activism. Purchase the album on Bandcamp to support 350CO. Thank you and congrats to James!

ILF-Interrupted-ConferenceColoradans interrupt elite insurance event to demand coverage and climate justice

Activists took the stage at the national insurance event packed with executives and CEOs in Colorado Springs. “We are facing the biggest fossil fuel buildout of our lifetime, with 25 proposed methane gas facilities being built out on the Gulf Coast. My family, along with tens of thousands of people were put on evacuation notice during the Marshall fire, yet these insurance companies keep underwriting fossil fuel expansion that is fueling the climate crisis.” – Giselle Herzfeld, 350CO.


A huge thanks to our October Climate Hero of the Month – Valley Lopez!

When Valley accepted the offer to intern with us and started in September 2022, he was interning both for Movement Building & the Youth Action Committee (YAC) – their first intern they ever worked with!

The climate crisis is staggering when contemplated in its full enormity. There was a time when I felt overwhelmed and unsure how I could make a difference. I know others feel the same, but I hope they can see that we do have real, tangible solutions to the challenges we face. Change starts with a simple action. Volunteer with your local non profits. Educate others. Speak with your elected officials. Eat less meat. Most importantly, don’t lose hope!” – Valley

Meet Valley!

Upcoming Events & Actions

  • Thursday, Oct. 5th, 8:30am – Rally and Public Comment for CSU Board of Governors Meeting (Fort Collins)Get information
  • Thursday, Oct. 5th, 12pm-1pm – 350CO Public Utilities Commission Issues Planning Meeting  (Zoom)Zoom link
  • Sunday, Oct. 8th, 10am-6:30pm – Indigenous Peoples Day 2023 at Dairy Arts Center (Boulder)Get more info
  • Tuesday, Oct. 10th, 5:30pm-8pm – County Comissioners Hearing: Testify for Stronger Oil & Gas Regulations (Aurora)More info or RSVP
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18th, 7pm – Work-in-progress screening of Fracking the System (Fort Collins)Get tickets
  • Monday, Oct. 23rd, 5pm-6pm – Phase Out Fracking Volunteer Action Hour (Zoom)Sign up here
  • Sunday, Oct. 29th, 1pm-5pm – Electrified Home Tour: Go Electric Colorado Launch Party (Longmont)Buy tickets
  • Thursday, Nov. 2nd and Thursday, Nov. 9th, 6-8pm – 350CO JEDI Workshops: Embracing Inclusive Organizing (Zoom)RSVP here
Please view our full calendar to join local team meetings, committee conference calls & more!


P.S. This summer 350 Colorado is celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Please help us celebrate by supporting crucial climate work – become a monthly sustaining donor at $10 or more per month!