May is a joyous season of full fledge spring weather. Yes, random snow showers can still roll through, and temperatures can drop on a dime, but the volatile changes are manageable with the promise of warmer weather. Being that much closer to the summer solstice next month is very exciting, and we are equally ecstatic to be honoring Kevin Mullan as the May Climate Hero of the Month!

First, a little about Kevin, in his own words:

“Since moving to Colorado in 2009, I have been passionate about the environment. It’s hard not to when you’re living in such a breathtaking natural landscape. The increase in climate-related disasters in recent years, such as flooding and wildfires, motivated me to take personal steps to reduce my carbon footprint, including biking more instead of driving and switching to climate-friendly banking and investing. Despite my individual efforts, I knew I needed to do more to combat climate change on a larger scale.”


Kevin Mullan, climate activist, poses for a photo with his dog in front of a lakeFast forward to September 2022 when Kevin reached out to 350 Colorado to take action. “I remember when I first met with Kevin. We chatted about his goals and what brought him to the climate movement. I was really struck by his earnest desire to dig in and get involved, and he’s done just that since he started!” said Chelsea Alexander, Movement Building & Volunteer Director.


Kevin began by attending the statewide Policy committee meetings, led by Climate Policy Analyst Heidi Leathwood. What might seem like a small action can really lead to tremendous things. We know we say that a lot, but it’s true! “It’s been fascinating to see firsthand the amount of work that goes into shaping and enforcing public policy related to climate change,” said Kevin. It didn’t take long before he began to make connections and find his niche. “Kevin has been great to work with and a super fun person to get to know. The Policy committee is enriched by his participation, and his participation in 350 Colorado as a whole has been crucial to our success in some of our most important campaigns,” said Heidi.

So after getting his figurative feet wet in the committee, Kevin began using his work experience in digital marketing to assist with some of 350CO’s key advertising campaigns. “A few that I have worked on are the Just Transition Roundtable, Fracking Fuels the Flames, and CFI report on the true costs and benefits of the oil and gas industry to Colorado’s economy,” said Kevin. It’s hard to capture the amount of work and attention to detail that goes into this kind of work, not to mention being able to communicate effectively with a number of stakeholders. All of those campaigns play an absolutely critical role in driving the organizational strategic plan forward. Between keeping fossil fuels in the ground and promoting just, equitable solutions, Kevin has been able provide tremendous support, insight, and momentum to the climate movement.

“It’s been extremely gratifying to work on these campaigns, helping to promote an equitable transition away from fossil fuels in Colorado.” – Kevin 

And of course Kevin hasn’t stopped there! “He has also donated liberally of his time and expertise helping us with the No New Fracking 2030 messaging campaign, and now the ballot initiative Safe and Healthy Colorado is doing to phase out new fracking permits by 2030,” said Heidi. He has also completed one click-letters and supported PERA divestment efforts. 

Kevin is the ultimate professional – we always know we can trust his expert opinions and judgment on advertising and messaging, and we can trust him to find the best way to achieve our goals. His exemplary communication skills can also be seen in the way he can make advertising concepts understandable to all, and in the way his positive presence in meetings helps everything run smoothly. 

“We feel humbled by his dedication to the climate cause – he always goes above and beyond and it is hard to figure out how there are even enough hours in the day for Kevin to accomplish all he has contributed to our work, on top of his career and living life!” said Heidi. 

We can’t thank you enough Kevin for rising to the call to action, being a terrific team player, and organizing for this beautiful home we call Colorado! Messy, moody spring seasons and all. 


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