Written by Deb McNamara

This month we’re excited to honor Ron Bennett as 350 Colorado’s March Climate Hero of the Month! Ron, who is an architect and decarbonization advocate turned fracktivist, joined the 350 Colorado Renewable Energy Committee this past year and immediately became a lead in planning for our Renewable Energy Summit last October, which was a great success and focused on ‘moving beyond fracked gas.’ Ron also joined 350 Colorado’s Newsletter Committee and has been contributing content and ideas, including guest blog posts such as “How to Fossil Free Your Home: Key Tips from and Expert Architect.” Ron shared that “350’s mission aligns best with my own climate objectives – that’s why I joined.” 

In 2020, Ron has taken a lead in bringing renewable energy-focused programming to local teams, and offered a presentation in January on Zero Carbon Now: Current Products and Incentives to Decarbonize Your Home, where he also shared an overview of policies and economics impacting electrification efforts. He’s been actively tracking climate-related legislation and has testified in support of clean energy-focused legislation at the Capitol. Ron has also offered strong testimony calling for bolder action at recent Air Quality Control Commission and Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission hearings. 

Ron has made himself available to the 350 Colorado community as a volunteer consultant in offering information and advice on decarbonizing your home. You can take Ron up on his offer to share his expertise and research by emailing him at: decarb@350colorado.org

Thanks to Ron for all he has contributed to our movement thus far and the many ways he has brought his experience and expertise to the 350 Colorado community.  

Ron Bennett is an architect who’s spent almost four decades in the building business. Inspired by recent youth movements and the resolve of groups like 350.org and 350 Colorado he’s now focused on contributing what he can toward climate justice and a zero-carbon future.