BGimage-350CCWebPageWe’re taking action in our communities and joining with groups around the world to build a movement powerful enough to take on the climate crisis.

Central Colorado is already experiencing the effects of climate change, and they aren’t pretty. From worsening wildfires to decreasing winter snow, climate change is already here, now.

Who We Are

Robert Parker – 350 Central Colorado Chair and  350 Colorado Vice Chair and member of the State Board. Dale Hoffman – Vice Chair ; Kay Parker – 350 Central Colorado Secretary/Treasurer and 350 Colorado Board member: Daniel Smith  – Media Specialist;  At Large: Lori Wilson,

To learn more or ask questions, etc., email  Thank you!


Step Up Salida: Mondays Bike or Hike to Work or School

Beginning Monday March 6 we will put our feet where our mouths, are and walk or bike to work, school, coffee, the store, your destination of choice, in support of leaving the cars at home and feeling good.  Step Up Salida encourages everyone to participate each Monday, or as often as you like.  Step up Salida is sponsored by 350 Central Colorado.     This is a great way to reduce our own personal carbon emissions, stay fit, and arrive at our destination invigorated and full of positive energy.

The number 350 means climate safety.  We advocate reducing CO2 in the atmosphere from  greater than 400 parts per million to below 350.   Leaving the cars at home will help, and is fun.

350 is a grassroots movement rising from the bottom up, all over the world, uniting to create solutions that will ensure a better future for all.  Learn more at website or contact local Step Up Salida organizers Ken Brandon, Marianne Stein or Cathy Scarbrough at 719-221-8983.

See you out there, on your pedals and your feet, every Monday beginning March 6.  Feel free to participate no matter what time you are out.  If you are walking or biking, you are not in your car, whatever time of the day that may be.  People driving from outlying areas can participate by parking cars closer to town, carpool if possible, unload bikes and walk or ride on into town each Monday.