Eco-Challenge JuneWe hope that EVERYONE will join this month’s Eco-Challenge! 

It’s probably the biggest fight for a safe climate in the US right now and is hugely important to protect our communities from fracking! 

June Eco-Challenge: Collect 100+ signatures on the Yes for Health and Safety Over Fracking ballot initiatives! 

These two ballot initiatives are our last line of defense to keep fracking out of our communities and away from our homes, schools and waterways! The Colorado Supreme Court struck down the Fort Collins Fracking moratorium and the Longmont Fracking ban. That means that all other bans/moratoria are at serious risk. When the price of oil goes up, all of the Front Range will again be under siege–unless we all do our part to defend it.

Join the Grassroots Movement to protect Colorado from the many harms of fracking, once and for all.  Learn about Colorado’s Fracking problem, how it contributes to our global Climate Crisis, and how you can help with the ballot initiatives #’s 75 & 78.

We have ~60 days left to collect over 100,000 signatures and need your help:  DONATE,VOLUNTEERHOST a HOUSE PARTY! to learn more about how to carry your petitions.

Let’s do this!!!