July’s Climate Hero of the Month is Phoebe Dominguez, one of 350 Colorado’s new youth volunteers who has jumped right in and contributed in a number of ways in 2020 including playing a leading role in the June 27th “No One Left Behind: Just Recovery Now” online rally focused on enacting a just and equitable transition in our state. She is also a leading member of 350 Colorado’s Renewable Energy Committee, where she is currently helping to plan a webinar on renewable energy’s role in a just and sustainable economy. 

“Phoebe is an amazing young activist and we are so happy to have her join our 350 Colorado team!  She is very passionate about our environment and demonstrated that passion as a speaker during the Nobody Left Behind JUST Transition NOW! online rally.  She has also joined our Green New Deal Committee and is working hard to make sure she has a planet to live on for herself and future generations,” shared 350 CO Board President Sunni Benoit. “She is an inspiring and thoughtful youth activist who constantly puts her time and energy into organizing with 350 Colorado. We are so lucky to have her!”

Phoebe is a youth climate activist and has been striking for the climate at the State Capitol, and also has created a zero-waste blog, which you can check out at: https://triptozer0.wordpress.com/. “All my life I had been told that the adults are handling it. But when it came to climate change no one had the same answer. People are suffering around the world. So I’m going to fix it, because I’m not like the people before me. So I started striking every week. I started a blog and I now volunteer for 350 CO,” says Phoebe. “I started to let people know that I’m fighting for a future for me and every other youth on this earth. Because this is a matter of life and death – and we will not stop fighting until we have a future.” 

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