The new year for the western world is a time of great energy. With great energy ideally comes great intention as well to bring about the action and change we want to see. Joyce Lisbin as Climate Hero of the month for January 2023 is an absolute embodiment of that new year ”let’s go for it” energy!

“I moved to Denver about a dozen years ago from California in order to be closer to family. I have never regretted the move and love Colorado,” says Joyce. Since she got involved as a volunteer with 350 Colorado in 2017, Joyce has contributed in so many meaningful ways. She has served on a number of statewide committees, including 350CO’s Renewable Energy Committee and the Legislative Action Committee. “I have participated on several 350 committees for a few years and have learned that the work of turning around the climate crisis is very complicated. Science, politics and economics must be considered and social values must be understood,” says Joyce.

Most recently, she became a leading contributor to the 350 Denver local team, helping form the first ever, volunteer grant-writing team in 2022. Because of her hard work and dedication, within two months of its founding the group managed to secure their first grant for the team! Having funds allows for more community and team building and supporting local campaigns.

“Working with Joyce this past year has been such a pleasure. She is also pushing the envelope of how we can hold polluters accountable, further awareness of environmental and environmental justice issues, and raise more money to support our campaigns. Joyce has been essential to our Denver grant writing team and continues to lead on our climate candidate survey team. The Denver team is so grateful for her time, support, and ideas!”  shared Victoria Sunkel, Denver Team Coordinator. 

She has also written articles for our blog and newsletter, and is always ready to lend her expertise and energy to 350CO’s climate campaigns.

“Joyce is such an honor to work with. She is one of those people who is always looking for ways to contribute and offer ideas. She has been a true asset to the climate movement over these years, lending her passion and energy to supporting multiple committees and consistently working to solve problems and bring forth creative solutions. She is truly a climate hero and I hope you’ll join me in raising a toast to honor all the work Joyce has contributed to making this world a better place,” shared Deb McNamara, 350CO’s Development and Communications Director.

Before moving to Colorado in 2012, she was the Coordinator of Health Communications at the STD Control Branch, California Department of Public Health for 10 years. Dr. Lisbin served as an Adjunct Professor at San Jose State University for 5 years. She also taught at the University of New Mexico and Hunter College in New York. Dr. Lisbin was the Executive Director of the Colorado Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CORCRC). CORCRC seeks to be the primary religious voice for reproductive justice. She is also the co-founder of Pando Health Resources, and the co-creator of SmartSexTM, a free iPhone app available @ iTunes. The app and website provide current and accurate information about sexual health, relationships, and the pleasures of sex.

Her expertise in peer education and healthy relationships has afforded her opportunities to conduct program evaluations and training sessions in the United States, Kenya, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. Dr. Lisbin has lead health-focused study tours to Scandinavia, Kenya and China for health professionals.

Most relevant to 350 climate activism is her support of a small Kenyan village. One of her former students lives in this village, and in the past few years, friends and Joyce have rallied to provide the funds for the villagers to improve building construction, to dig a well and most of the homes now have modest solar energy units. The villagers are able to charge their cell phones without having to walk to town and have light at night so students can study and social connections are enhanced.

She continues to travel and is constantly exploring health care systems and services established in other countries. “I regularly practice tai-chi, study at the Kabbalah Experience and work at my art,” says Joyce. Check out Joyce’s Etsy site, MyStoryLine:

“I am most grateful for the welcome that I have been gifted from the experienced 350 staff and volunteers. My intention is to continue to be an active member of this dynamic organization until our air is clean, the water protected, the environment thrives and we enjoy good health,” says Joyce. Between participating in meetings and hearings, helping with projects, and signing petitions, Joyce really lives the identity of activist, and we are so inspired.

Thank you Joyce for lending your many talents and time to the climate movement and the world. Colorado is a healthier place because of you!


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