We have less than a decade to get climate change under control. In order to do so, we must stop all new fossil fuel projects and pursue a just recovery from the multiple crises we’re facing from COVID-19, to economic and racial injustice, to the climate crisis.

In the lead up to the November 2020 election, we must drum up pressure and show our leaders that voters care about environmental issues. Since our vote is our voice, we must speak up now or risk losing it. Between now and November 3rd, 350 Colorado teams are organizing Get Out The Vote (GOTV) events to connect with over 130,000 voters in Colorado!

We’re building a team to ensure that as many people as possible are registered to vote – and then turn them out to the polls on Election Day.

RSVP here to phone bank with 350 Colorado 

Environmentalists are known for their passion. Millions have marched, thousands skipped school in protest and organizations like 350 are pushing policy on candidates – but are they actually voting? In the 2016 election nearly 10.1million self-described environmentalists did not vote. 10.1 million! We have to make that change! 

To reach as many voters as we can, we need volunteers like you to make calls and share important information on voter registration and vote by mail – then remind them to cast their ballots when it counts.

We will be hosting phone bank parties via zoom for your region (Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Roaring Fork Valley, Central Colorado and Northern Colorado) So join us for some community and phone banking! After you sign up, we’ll be in touch about joining a phone bank shift and party! 

Please sign up here to phonebank with a local 350 Colorado team in your area!