Micah Parkin Micah Parkin, September 25, 2014

photo Franky at PCM(Posted on behalf of Fossil Free CU Organizer Franky Navarrette 9/25/14)…  

  Last weekend, myself and other members of Fossil Free CU (The University of Colorado, Boulder’s divestment campaign) were given the chance of a lifetime to march with over 400,000 people in what is known as the largest climate justice demonstration in history: The People’s Climate March.

Fossil Free CU students marched with over 50,000 other students from across the country and around the world demanding action to ensure a safe and sustainable future as well as showing solidarity for frontline communities. Fossil Free CU was specifically marching with the Divestment Student Network, a nationwide coalition of over 400 campuses coordinating actions, building mentorship and regional power as well as creating resources for new campaigns.

Members of Fossil Free CU Attended the Youth Convergence on the Saturday prior to the march where they attended workshops specifically on building a stronger fossil fuel divestment campaign, and engaging our region. Members of Fossil Free CU are also strongly partnered with 350 Colorado and Clean Energy Action as a part of a multi-dimensional strategy to build power and increase visibility of the campaign.

The Southwest is building power and growing strong. Fossil Free CU will be hosting a Southwest geared fall training with the Divestment Student Network Nov. 7,8,9 where we will be hosting workshops, building regional power, coordinating powerful spring action and creating an unstoppable coalition of passionate Southwest students.

For us, the People’s Climate March as well as the Flood Wall Street Action were catalysts for a yearlong strategy arc. We intend to use the fuel from these actions to drive our campaign and collectively strengthen our movement. Fossil Free CU, the Divestment Student Network and 350.org among other organizations are key parts of a global movement toward a just transition to a sustainable, equitable and just future.

We are here, we are strong, and we will not back down until we see tangible change.

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