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As part of a nationwide week of action calling to #EndTheEra of Fossil Fuels, 350 Colorado is teaming up with local, national, and international partners for a Colorado Day of Action on June 10th to call on our leaders at every level to support a phase out new fracking permits in Colorado by 2030!

Scientists around the globe have called for a rapid phase out of new fossil fuel development in order to keep global temperatures below 1.5C and prevent the most catastrophic climate impacts. Impacts like the increasing drought and wildfires we see here in Colorado. 

Despite that, we see our leaders here in Colorado and across the nation, continue to permit more fossil fuel development. About 1,000 new fracking permits in Colorado each year! It’s time for this to end. 

On June 9th and 10th, Coloradans across the state will be holding direct action events in their communities to call for a phase out of fracking in Colorado.  Oil and gas fracking in Colorado is the #1 source of pollution causing the climate crisis and the  ‘severe’ ozone air quality issues along Colorado’s  front range.  To live up to our climate goals and our environmental justice goals in Colorado, we need to phase out fracking!

The focus of our Colorado direct actions is a call to action that individuals, leaders, and organizations sign on to support a phase out of Colorado fracking by 2030! We will have opportunities for leaders and organizations to endorse, and Colorado voters to “Pledge to Sign” to put a fracking phase out on the 2024 Colorado ballot. Coloradans together are taking power into our own hands and bringing a statewide ballot initiative to phase out all new fracking permits by 2030

The Day of Action events will be fun, creative, and a little different in each location. Check the map for locations, dates, and times. We’re encouraging Coloradans to host their direct actions in front of a government building in their communities or other significant gathering points, to have fun and be creative – think youth art, poetry, music, eye catching visuals, or public theater!

It is time to call on all of our leaders to take bold climate action and stop sacrificing our children’s futures and frontline communities to the greed of Big Oil & Gas.

Here in Colorado, that bold action must include a Fracking Phase Out by 2030

Join us!