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New activists like YOU are the lifeblood of 350.org, a global grassroots climate justice organization.  There is much to get excited about and many ways to get involved with 350 Denver, so don’t be shy – please join us!

We meet on the first Tuesday of each month.  Please check out our Facebook page for current information about venue.  The meeting runs from 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

350 Denver is working on various major campaigns, as well as helping with campaigns by other chapters and across coalition relationships around town.  Because Denver is at the seat of power for Colorado, we show up to protests and rallies at the offices of our legislators. We bring a presence to town halls, Public Utilities Commission hearings and Bureau of Land Management leasing auctions, among others. We collaborate with our partners on organizing events like the People’s Climate March and the March for Science.  We write letters to the editor and to our representatives. We stood on corners to urge people to vote against ballot initiative 71 and many volunteered to gather signatures for initiatives to limit fracking, and then to encourage the Green Roof Initiative in Denver. We stand by and speak out for people who are experiencing firsthand the effects of environmental injustice.

Long Term Campaigns

We are always interested in help with our ongoing major campaigns.  Many hands help make light work.

  • 350 Denver is working to urge the City of Denver to divest from JPMorgan Chase Bank, and move their money out of Chase Bank. We are also asking them to adopt climate conscious contracting going forward.  Chase funds the Dakota Access Pipeline through its complex subsidiaries, subcontractors, and partners. We are currently signing people up to meet with their Denver City Council members and help encourage divestment.  We need people to join and build teams for lobbying within their City Council Districts.  In 2019 we’re urging Mayoral and City Council Candidates to support fossil fuel divestment as well as the Green New Deal. For information on the upcoming Mayoral Candidate Forum and on candidates who support bold climate leadership, click here. For FAQs regarding Denver and fossil fuel divestment, click here. 
  • We are also working on personal “Move Your Money” programs and information focused on encouraging people to divest their personal money from climate harm.  We are attempting to help people navigate the challenges of divesting from banks, investments and credit cards that support harm to the planet and indigenous peoples.
  • We are active in the anti-fracking movement, locally, and working hard to develop an extensive education and outreach program to help unify the fracking resistance movements happening in impacted local communities.  We hope to help educate people across the metro area about how fracking is impacting them, their health, clean air and water, while we also work on resistance actions like testifying before the COGCC and planning rallies and marches.
  • Our most recent campaign addition is a program focused on local food and its ability to draw down carbon and help us to return to a stable climate.  We intend to create local shopping information tools and help to educate the population about the importance  and necessity of local food systems for climate improvement and human resilience.

Other Ways To Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with 350 Denver, as we fight to turn the tide on anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and work toward a sustainable and just future in Denver, across Colorado and globally.  Some of those include:

      • Helping us grow our volunteer base and the local climate movement overall
      • Amplifying our online presence and increasing the public’s access to information
      • Assisting with various tech related challenges that serve the group overall
      • Coalition building with other organizations in the area
      • Helping us find and recruit expert speakers for various events
      • Event planning and coordination
      • Tracking and resource and project management for things we are working toward
      • Helping with grants or fundraising needs
    • Become a monthly donor so we can continue working to keep fossil fuels in the ground in Denver metro area. After completing the payment step, just fill out the survey to earmark your donation for 350 Denver Metro.



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Contacts & Get Involved

Feel free to email Barbara Donachy to introduce yourself, and let her know what your interests are and how you would like to be involved.

You can also sign up on this form and click on Metro Denver under group listing so that we can stay in contact with you.

For the latest information, see our Facebook page.




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