2021 at a Glance

2021 – A Just Transition away from Martin Drake

For 90 years, Martin Drake Power Plant has rained coal ash and pumped toxic chemicals into its surrounding communities. On August 28th, 2021 the Martin Drake plant burned coal for the last time, but the city has no plans to address the ongoing health issues it has given nearby residents. This year, 350 CO Springs will sustain a campaign to ensure a just and equitable transition away from Drake. 

Thanks to your support, in 2021 we were able to bring on a local team coordinator who has leveled up our organizing power by adding much-needed capacity to train and recruit volunteers, organizing meetings and events, and be a watchdog on Colorado Springs energy policy. Your continued support will allow us to keep our part-time local team coordinator, engage new people through digital marketing, and purchase supplies for creative, art-based actions that you can do from home. 

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Who We Are and What We Do

350 Colorado Springs is fighting against the climate crisis and for clean air, clean water, and livable wages in our community. We understand that in order to solve the climate crisis, we must tear down the oppressive economic and political systems that create it.

We challenge ourselves to embody justice and equity in every decision we make. We center and support those facing the brunt of the climate crisis today – people who are low-income, disabled, Black, Native, Hispanic, Latinx, or of other marginalized races and ethnicities. 

We are building a people-powered movement to create long-lasting, systemic change through:

  • Education on climate science, climate policy, and the systemic oppression at the root of climate chaos
  • Trainings on community organizing, campaign strategy, and leadership development
  • Political engagement on the city, county, state, and federal level 
  • Sit-ins/strikes to rally support, build community, and hold businesses and elected officials accountable
  • Art builds to bring beauty to the movement

Consolidated power in the hands of businesspeople and politicians created this crisis, and people power will get us out.

Meet Some of Our Key Volunteers!

From left to right:

Spencer – Spencer is currently a student studying music and computer science. She’s her own favorite proponent of LGBTQ rights, science education, climate activism, and picnics.

Justin – Justin is a 9-year resident of Colorado, an Air Force veteran, and engineering student. In between classes, he’s either enjoying the outdoors or fueling his passion for climate resilience.

Jacob – Jacob is a lifelong resident of Colorado Springs with a passion to solve climate change. He has volunteered with 350 COS since its inception and was critical in shutting down the Martin Drake coal plant.

Amy – Amy is a Senior Climate Finance Strategist at STAND.earth. Former Volunteer & JEDI Director at 350 Colorado, Co-Coordinator at Stop the Money Pipeline and Mobilization Organizer at 350.org. Amy led the campaign to decommission the Martin Drake Coal Plant through its completion in 2020. Amy has been a supporter of 350 for over five years and is passionate about climate finance, ending the reign of fossil fuels and Indigenous Sovereignty.

More Ways you can get involved:

By becoming a monthly donor, you allow us to keep fighting for equitable and just transitions that stop the climate crisis. After completing the payment step, just fill out the survey to earmark your donation for 350 Colorado Springs.


If you have questions, ideas, or want to talk directly with the local team, please email charlea@350colorado.org


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