350 Colorado Springs works locally to help build the global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis and transition to a sustainable future.

Current Campaign: 350 Colorado Springs is working in coalition with The Sierra Club, Green Cities Coalition and many more to transition Colorado Springs municipally owned utility company from rolling coal in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs to 100% renewable energy by decommissioning the Martin Drake Coal Plant at the earliest possible date. Our team regularly participates in national and global 350.org sponsored events and we host dozens of local events each year that anyone can get involved in!

There are many ways to get involved in the process to decommission the Martin Drake Coal fired Power Plant.

UPAC (Utilities Policy Advisory Committee)

UPAC is a Utilities Board directed advisory committee that reviews, analyzes and provides recommendations to the Utilities Board on specific issues or policies. UPAC is charged with crafting the “Energy Vision” that guides the EIRP, as well as making recommendations about modeling scenarios, public engagement, and other aspects of the EIRP. This group meets monthly to draft the “Energy Vision” that will guide the upcoming Electric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP).Link to 2016 (current) Energy Vision

We need to give public comments at this meeting. UPAC meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 8 a.m. in the Blue River Board Room on the fifth floor of the South Tower in the Plaza of the Rockies (121 S. Tejon Street). All meetings are open to the public. Citizens are invited to comment during general discussion near the end of each meeting.

Electric Integrated Resource Planning (EIRP)

CSU’s EIRP is a long-term strategic plan used to guide resource acquisition, conservation and demand-side management decisions to meet customer electric demand. The EIPR is required to be updates every 5 years. The EIRP process combines technical analysis and public participation to ensure a low cost, reliable, and environmentally conscious electric supply

The objective of the EIRP is to evaluate and manage all resource options in order to determine not just a least cost plan, but a balanced set of new resources based on the projected demand forecast, environmental considerations, renewable energy goals, and more. Link to 2016 EIRP

Utility Board Meetings

The Colorado Springs Utility Board meets every third Wednesday of the month at 1pm in the Blue River Board Room on the fifth floor of the South Tower in the Plaza of the Rockies (121 S. Tejon St) The board meets monthly to discuss utilities related policy and information. All meetings are open to the public. Citizens are invited to comment during public comments at the beginning of each meeting. This is an opportunity to provide public input on the EIRP process, including pushing for a meaningful public participation process, accurate pricing for renewables in the technical models, retirement of Drake with no new gas plants, and to bring community values to the table before the Board formally votes on the EIRP process. Then we’ll have to do all of this again throughout the actual EIRP process that goes through August 2020.

More Ways you can get involved:

  • Join the 350 Colorado Springs email list to get updates about our events by filling out your contact information at this link and select “Colorado Springs email list” to get the latest updates and events.
  • Visit our Facebook Events page for our next meet-up and action.  Generally, we host regular actions in the community and meetings with our coalition members.
  • Spread the Word: Share events and information through email and social media to keep others & us informed.  We’d love to work together!  Please share ideas about how we can multiply our efforts.  A couple ways to stay in touch:


If you have questions, ideas, or want to talk directly with the local team, please email coloradosprings@350colorado.org

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Colorado Springs Climate Strike – Global Mobilization September 20, 2019

Join us for the Earth Day 2020 Digital Climate Strike on April 22nd RSVP here and share the Facebook event on your social media 


More information: How much are we paying to burn coal in Colorado Springs? 

Take a look at this infographic and help to educate others:


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