2020 at a Glance

Who We Are and What We Do

350 Colorado Springs is fighting against the climate crisis and for clean air, clean water, and livable wages in our community. We understand that in order to solve the climate crisis, we must tear down the oppressive economic and political systems that create it.

We challenge ourselves to embody justice and equity in every decision we make. We center and support those facing the brunt of the climate crisis today – people who are low-income, disabled, Black, Native, Hispanic, Latinx, or of other marginalized races and ethnicities. 

We are building a people-powered movement to create long-lasting, systemic change through:

  • Education on climate science, climate policy, and the systemic oppression at the root of climate chaos
  • Trainings on community organizing, campaign strategy, and leadership development
  • Political engagement on the city, county, state, and federal level 
  • Sit-ins/strikes to rally support, build community, and hold businesses and elected officials accountable
  • Art builds to bring beauty to the movement

Consolidated power in the hands of businesspeople and politicians created this crisis, and people power will get us out.

We are currently in the process of a strategic plan for our team to plan our next campaign. Get involved today!

More Ways you can get involved:

By becoming a monthly donor, you allow us to keep fighting for equitable and just transitions that stop the climate crisis. After completing the payment step, just fill out the survey to earmark your donation for 350 Colorado Springs.


If you have questions, ideas, or want to talk directly with the local team, please email coloradosprings@350colorado.org


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