In honor of Valentine’s Day, our newsletter team thought it would only be fitting to express our gratitude to our home planet, Mother Nature, and the climate movement in the most romantic way we could think of — a love letter. Enjoy these short tributes and admirations from the 350 Colorado newsletter committee, staff, and volunteers, as well as a few community members throughout our state–


We are spreading the word

and there are thousands out on the street

marching with signs

hand in hand

chanting for change NOW

they’re marching for you, baby

they’re marching for us

because we deserve to do more than just


we deserve

to thrive…

so just close those eyes, baby

and sleep in peace

because we won’t let you down—

you’ll see.

-Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner – UN Climate Summit Poem 




Dear Earth, 

You give us so much – air to breathe, water to drink, forests, prairies, deserts, and mountains to explore, and people to spend time with. Even as you warm, I love your cycles, and how, after the darkness of winter, I know that spring will come. I also love that even if humans make this planet uninhabitable for our species, that you will continue, and cockroaches or jellyfish or thermophiles or life we can’t imagine will thrive. Sam 




Dear Mother Nature,

It is with utter admiration that I write to you this February. From your forests of fir, blanketed in a hushed white, an ermine dancing among fresh snowflakes. From your vernal aspen, bursting with eager, tightly fisted chartreuse leaves. From your long days of summer, an alpine pasque flower basking in the glory of your apricot sunsets. From your flaxen light of autumn, and the elk bugles that fill your crisp air. You bring me joy, you bring me resilience, you bring me life, throughout the seasons. How can I ever reciprocate the gifts you give? Soleil





To My 350 Colorado Family, 

In the darkest moments, you are my light. On days where things seem bleak or I lack inspiration, I turn to you. That simple act of showing up, no matter how big or small is what gives me hope. Because organizing against the most powerful industries in the world is not easyyet you are here. The truth is, there is no solution to this crisis that doesn’t involve togetherness, and that is pretty special. So thank you for being my inspiration and my motivation — the opposition doesn’t stand a chance with you on our team. Love,  Julia 




Dear Mother Nature, home planet, climate activists, and humankind–

I love you. I truly do. I am constantly in awe of you, surprised by you, enraptured by you. From the colors and the scents and the sounds that overwhelm my senses, to the feeling of a bursting heart when I see kindness and an indescribable understanding of oneness with you all, I cannot imagine feeling anything but gratitude and affection. Thank you earth for hosting all of us; thank you to the climate movement for fighting to protect us and our home; thank you to humankind for making it all worthwhile, for giving us something to fight for — something to live for. You are all the inspiration I need. Love, Mikkela 




Each day as I walk (“kissing the ground” so to speak) and breathe life giving air and see through the radiant energy light of Brother Sun, I am enlivened, I am at home. I am a child constantly learning from nature around me, beckoned to be in relationship with the language of the birds, the respiration of the plants and the diverse beauty that feeds silently but surely my Spirit. Nature nurtures me and I in gratitude and joy listen and respond with my Soul urging me to love and nurture in return. Liz Fuhr





        in holy waters

in iridescent raven wings

       I find myself here

-Angie Thompson




Dear Mother, 

Every day you stay the course,

the current, the canvas, the crest;

we watch you provide dwelling

to numbers until for rest.


Rotating each day anew,

you are the mirror reflecting the truth.

In love and admiration,

those greens, that white, those blues!


The Sun and you together – 

a pair extraordinaire –

have shown us miraculous co-creation; 

we want to show you we care. 


We feel that we are One

and see what must be done. 

give us courage to quantum leap

from a time whose time is up


And get a’planting in your garden

seeds of love, abundance, and fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beloved,

E pluribus unum, anew, in 2021!

-Love, Moriah




To the Earth,

Sometimes the days that are the darkest, the days that are the coldest, are the days I feel most appreciative for you. Because the cold brings warm breath to remind me I’m alive. The darkness brings bright stars to remind me my world is not so small. And even on the days where the bright stars feel difficult to cherish, I discover people who inspire me, who teach me how to persevere, just like you do. So, even in dark days, thank you for helping me find warm breath. Thank you for being my home. Love, Megan


If you love the earth and appreciate the climate movement, we hope you’ll consider getting involved with one of our campaigns. Learn more about our campaigns and volunteer opportunities on our website, and remember to take some time this Valentine’s Day to say “I love you” to the planet!