Katie Falkenberg Katie Falkenberg, July 27, 2012

Help us end polluter welfare!  Let’s turn up the heat on Congress and stop taxpayer subsidies to fossil fuel companies!

People across the country are making this issue unignorable. We’re asking our leaders a simple question: “Do you support ending subsidies to the fossil fuel industry?”

Read more at http://endfossilfuelsubsidies.org/ and sign up to join our Colorado “Turn Up the Heat on Congress” Team to get candidates on the record here.

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*Oct. 23-25 - Mazaska Talks Day of Action on Divestment. Details TBA. Colorado Springs - Click here to learn more

*Oct. 30, 9am - COGCC Public Hearing, Denver - More info TBA.

*November 11, 10am-2pm - Fracking Tour, starting at Bella Romero elementary/middle school, Greeley. More info TBA.

Colorado Rising!

Colorado is at a crossroads: The fossil fuel industry is invading our neighborhoods and suing our communities for protecting themselves. Get involved with the Colorado Rising campaign! Let's defend our health, homes and climate from fracking.

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Demanding Transparency & Accountability from Colorado Springs Utilities

350CO is demanding the release of reports showing air quality violations from the Drake Coal Plant

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