Suncor is one of Colorado’s main producers of gasoline, diesel fuel, and asphalt; Suncor is also one of Colorado’s main polluters of dangerous gases and is a primary source of air pollution in the region

*Que es Suncor? En Espanol 

The Suncor Oil Refinery is located just to the North East of Denver, in Commerce City, Colorado                                                                                                                                   


The health of residents of Commerce City and North Denver are at risk from Suncor pollution                             

  • The 80216 zip code is the most polluted area in all of the United States   
  • Commerce city and North Denver neighborhoods have higher rates of asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity
  • Overwhelming amounts of Smog are released into the air every year which can cause lung disease 
  • Hydrogen cyanide, a poison used by Nazis, is an emission of Suncor
  • Suncor also releases other toxic gases linked to higher rates of some cancers, low birth weights and birth defects, mental illness, and more
  • Housing values near Suncor are lowered by the existence of the refinery
  • Water quality is also negatively affected by Suncor pollution 

Life in the shadow of the Suncor Oil Refinery means routine exposure to carcinogens and F-grade air quality. It means constant fear of a malfunction and a life expectancy of more than 10 years below other Denver communities [4]. According to Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE), Suncor has violated emissions limits for volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulate matter. Thanks to toxic polluters like Suncor Denver’s 80216 zip code, which is neighbors to an urban coal plant, the Suncor refinery, major highways, and two superfund sites was named the most polluted zip code in the country [3].  


Suncor’s Title V permit to continue polluting and hurting local communities is up for evaluation: We need to make sure this permit is not renewed!

  • Talk to your community! Make sure your friends, family, and neighbors know what is happening in their own backyard!
  • Tell your story! We want those impacted by Suncor to be heard–if you are interested in sharing your experience contact our team below!
  • Join 350 Colorado’s Suncor Action Committee calls, meeting every other Monday from 4-5pm. To find the next meeting time, click here for our meetings and events calendar.
  • Click here to sign our one-click letter calling for halting the construction of Suncor’s Line 1 pipeline, which will run from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Commerce City, Colorado, with 49 miles set for construction in Weld County. This supplemental pipeline will increase pollution by increasing the volume of crude oil being processed at the Suncor refinery. This is a classic case of environmental racism, increasing the toxic burden on the already disproportionately impacted fenceline community, while also increasing greenhouse gas emissions causing the climate crisis. We must do our part to speak out on these injustices.

Questions? Want to learn more and get involved? Contact Lucy Molina: lucy@350colorado.org or Melissa at melissa@350colorado.org

Learn More & Skill Up: Listen to our training on Making Your Voice Heard – Public Comment Training Session: In January, 2021 350 CO hosted a bi-lingual training focused on skill-building around offering effective comment in upcoming hearings. (Mira el video de capacitación en español aquí)