Our Team 

350 Colorado Staff


Micah Parkin, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Micah has 28 years of experience as a climate and clean energy advocate, community organizer and nonprofit director. She serves on the national 350 Network Council and was also a founding board member of 350 Colorado Action, Community Fruit Rescue, as well as Colorado Rising and Safe & Healthy Colorado, which organized ballot initiative efforts to protect communities from fracking in 2018 to the present. She is a spokesperson for Colorado Coalition for a Livable Climate, with 44 member groups in CO. Micah was recognized as a 2017 “City of Boulder Hometown Hero” and received a 2014 “FearLess Women Leading GREEN” award and Sierra Club’s 2007 Delta Chapter Black Bear Award. Love for her daughters and a deep sense of responsibility to protect future generations and life on our beautiful planet fuel her passion to build a powerful climate and clean energy movement, create resilient communities and transition to a sustainable future. Micah(at)350colorado.org 

 Chelsea Alexander, Movement Building & Volunteer Director

Chelsea began working in the volunteer management field 10 years ago at an animal shelter in Bloomington, IN as an intern. Her work in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion led to her nomination for a ‘Be More’ Award from the city of Bloomington in 2014. After moving to Chicago she pursued a career in volunteer management and built volunteer programs at non-profits, created partnerships, streamlined operations, and planned organizational-wide events. Chelsea enjoys playing piano and ukulele, traveling, spending as much time outside as possible, putting hot sauce on most things she eats, and spending time with her partner, family, and friends. Hablo Español. Chelsea(at)350colorado.org

Roberta ‘Bobbie’ Mooney, Beyond Oil & Gas Campaign Coordinator

Bobbie Mooney is a proud Vermonter who moved to Colorado “sight unseen” in 2011, and fell in love with the mountains and sunshine here. Now she lives in Denver with her husband, their two young sons, and 6 laying hens. Bobbie loves growing food in her backyard, roller skating indoors and out, and putting her shoulder to the wheel of climate justice. Bobbie brings a decade of experience in the Colorado climate movements, professional experience in federal and state government, experience as a Councilwoman for the City of Sheridan, CO, and an environmental law degree from Lewis and Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about building personal, community, and regional resilience in the face of the Climate Crisis. As a founding board member of 350 Colorado in 2013, joining the 350 Colorado team as a staff member a decade later is a dream come true for Bobbie! Bobbie(at)350colorado.org

Photo of Brigit Stattelman-Scanlan smiling with a sun hat on.Brigit Stattelman-Scanlan, Development Director

Brigit’s background in climate justice, gender studies, and frontline communities have laid the groundwork for her career in climate action and intersectional project development. She became first involved in 350 in Madison, Wisconsin where she worked on pipeline resistance and divestment campaigns with 350 Wisconsin alongside working with the Sierra Club. She has worked with subnational governments and international NGOs to protect tropical forests and indigenous communities with the Governor’s Climate and Forest Task Force. Most recently, Brigit finished working as a Project Manager with the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Research at CU working to complete a NSF grant for wildfire mitigation and restoration. Apart from climate action, Brigit does pottery, helps run a coffee company, and leads trips for women+ groups in the backcountry. Hablo Español. Brigit(at)350colorado.org

Heidi Leathwood, Climate Policy Analyst

In looking back, Heidi sees that for a long time she was the frog in the pot set on the stove to boil: slowly being warmed, oblivious to danger. Fortunately, she woke up and leapt out of the pot and into action. Her climate action began with volunteering on campaigns, gathering petition signatures for prop. 112 (the fracking setbacks ballot initiative), marching in climate strikes, and participating in NVDA campaigns. Eventually, Heidi decided to change careers, transitioning away from her teaching and performing career toward working full time for the climate. She has a graduate certificate in Environmental Policy from University College at DU, and is a candidate for an ABA-approved paralegal certificate (graduation December, 2023). Prior to joining staff in January 2022, Heidi contributed as a volunteer to 350 Colorado’s participation in regulatory action.

Lucy Molina, Frontline Community Organizer

Lucy is a community activist, a former candidate for Commerce City Council, and her favorite is being a Mother for her two children. With the heart of a Mother, she has been fighting for environmental justice in her community and throughout the State. Holding one of the biggest polluters in our state, Suncor, accountable for their many criminal activities. Lucy will not stop fighting against environmental racism, polluters and unjust policies and laws that are detrimental to our future. Hablo Español.Lucy(at)350colorado.org

Matt Gose, Promoting Climate Solutions Coordinator

Born and raised in Western Colorado, Matt has been lucky enough to grow up in an area where climate justice has always been a topic of conversation. He attended college at The University of Wyoming in Laramie, where he obtained a degree in Business Marketing and a minor in Natural Resource Management. In the Spring of 2021 Matt helped organize and execute the first ever Laramie Community Climate Summit which was the first event of its kind ever to be held, and spurred localized action by establishing a starting point. In December of 2022 Matt joined our team as our Roaring Fork Team Coordinator and helped block the proposed Uinta Basin Railway that threatened to triple the amount of heated waxy crude oil being transported along long sensitive stretches of the Colorado River. Needless to say, Matt has an intense passion for climate action and looks forward to making an impact in his new role! Matt(at)350colorado.org. 

Ciara Guerrero, Communications Coordinator

After getting her foot in the door of big tech, Ciara didn’t like what she found behind the curtain. Algorithms pushing misinformation about the climate crisis and the lack of action from anyone with authority to do something about it was the wake-up call she needed to look toward the environmental justice movement. While working as a freelance sustainability writer, it became clear that there were more effective ways to act as an ally to the movement – which is how she discovered 350 Colorado. With nearly a decade of experience in communications, she now aims to amplify the voices of those doing intersectional environmental advocacy work. Ciara lives in Colorado Springs with her partner and three daughters, and in her free time, she’s reading, gardening, or writing. Ciara(at)350colorado.org

Kim smiling

Kim Nelson, Administrative Assistant

Kim graduated with a degree in Political Science from Fordham University and started out her career as an activist many years ago, working on environmental campaigns in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado. She took a detour and became a professional photographer, opening a studio in Fort Collins 20 years ago. She has now come full circle back to her roots and passion for environmental issues with 350 Colorado. Utilizing her admin skills from both non-profit administration and owning a small business, she is happy to share her experience working on the climate crisis. In her free time, Kim likes to hike, raft the rivers of Colorado, and spend time with her husband and two adult children. Kim(at)350colorado.org

Razz Gormley, Nonviolent Direct Action Trainer & Coordinator

Razz’s education in Strategic Direct Action began in 2014, with the Agua Fria Action camp and led to 8 weeks of immersive, practical Non-Violent Direct Action trainings with the intention of learning to become an effective teacher and support frontline communities in the fight against the fossil fuel industry and an unjust systems. The trainings, led by various groups including: Greenpeace; Ruckus Society; Indigenous People’s Power Project and Rising Tide North America, were rooted in radical education, allyship and a strong justice focused culture. They also prepared him with a great understanding of NVDA theory and a wide range of foundation to advanced technical skills. This path has led toward opportunities to contribute in various roles to a number of impactful actions and campaigns from the local to national level. Since 2015, Razz has been honored and privileged to train alongside some of the world’s greatest and most experienced teachers and continue to evolve as a facilitator. Since 2014, he’s educated over 1,000 activists for a number of organizations and coalitions from 350, Extinction Rebellion, Break Free, Keep it in the Ground to many local groups in support of all manner of justice work.  Razz continues to train & support frontline and marginalized communities across the state with a focus on: self-empowerment, non-violent community defense, and grassroots movement building. Razz(at)350colorado.org


Sarah Burke, 350 Northern Colorado Team Coordinator

Sarah grew up in Summit County, CO where she gained not only an appreciation, but a deep love of nature and the mountains surrounding her. She was raised in a tight-knit community that taught her the importance of volunteering. Every year, she participated in the town clean up days which opened her eyes to the littering and pollution that plagued her beautiful county, but also the impact that could be achieved by people who shared a collective goal and cared enough to make it happen. She graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a B.S. in communication studies, and Spanish. Sarah recently returned to CO where she found 350 Colorado and it felt like fate. She was so excited to find a job that combined her love for nature, passion for climate justice, and her desire to work alongside people who care. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, going to concerts, going for cheeky little walks, and working on her Chaco tan. Hablo Español.  Sarah(at)350colorado.org. 


Melissa Burrell, 350 Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs Teams Coordinator

Melissa began working with the Minnesota 350 chapter in 2018, and since has focused her climate organizing work in water rights, frontline community support, direct action, and environmental policy. This laid the foundation for her passion in coalition building for climate justice. She moved to Toronto, ON to complete a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies with concentrations on sacrifice zones and advocacy against extractive industries, and connected with broader 350 chapters. Outside of climate work, Melissa loves to hike, spend time with loved ones, and spend as much time as possible near bodies of water!  Melissa(at)350colorado.org. 



Steve Kuschner, 350 Roaring Fork Team Coordinator

I was born in NYC and raised on Long Island, from an early age I was an animal lover, concerned for all the wildlife and wild things and made nature an important part of my life. After a few years working in retail my life changed after a bicycle accident which left me injured but not deterred to make a difference in the world. I went back to school and got my certification in Massage Therapy, followed that up with a certification in Yoga and spent many years helping others reconnect with their body/mind/spirit.
I eventually traveled the country with my wife of 32 years making sure to be near any rallies or demonstrations where we could be activists and had amazing interactions with people from all over the world who were also motivated to work to change the hearts and minds of our politicians and fellow citizens. I’ve been a member of 10 organizations related to the environment, animal rights, peace and justice and here in the Roaring Fork Valley became involved in the Colorado 350.org movement to stop the Uinta Rail Train from expanding. I realized that my future is directing me to get working to help expand the message of Peace on Earth, with Earth and for Earth. Steve(at)350colorado.org. 

350 Colorado Board of Directors


Katessia Robertson, Board of Directors, Co-Chair, Denver, CO

Katessia Robertson is a youth advocate and small business owner who grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Katessia recently graduated from the University of Denver with a master’s degree from the Graduate School of Social Work with a concentration in Ecological Justice. In the future, Katessia wants to use their social work degree to fight against the harm the fast fashion industry causes to people and the earth. Their small business is called “The Clothing Cycle”, they sell secondhand clothes to help them avoid going to a landfill and work towards a regenerative future.

They spend their free time exploring Colorado, thrifting, playing board games, and spending time with friends.


Amy Allen, Board of Directors, Co-Chair, Lakewood, Colorado

Amy works as an engineer in the energy efficiency field, and is pursuing a Ph.D. in architectural engineering. As part of 350 Colorado, Amy has focused her efforts on fighting fracking, and she is also interested in regulatory policy and advancing renewable energy.

Irina SedovaBoard of Directors, Vice-Chair, Longmont, COirina-sedova-no-caption

Irina serves as Director at Principium Investments, an asset management firm specializing in environmentally and socially responsible investing. Prior to moving to Colorado, Irina managed poverty alleviation, economic development, and human rights programs in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.  In 2013, she experienced first-hand the devastating effects of intensifying storms as her residence, along with many others, was ravaged by floods in Lyons, CO. As a Colorado Master Gardener with a keen interest in permaculture, Irina is working with our Boulder chapter to promote local organic food and regenerative agriculture practices as climate change solutions.

“I am active in the 350 Colorado campaign to encourage individuals and institutions to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in climate change solutions.  I focus my efforts on climate change because it is one of the most pressing and cross-cutting issues of our time.” – Irina Sedova

Heron Lenz, Board of Directors, Secretary, Colorado Springs, CO


Heron grew up in Fort Collins, CO before moving to Evanston, IL to attend Northwestern University. After receiving a B.A. in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from Northwestern, he served on the board of the Evanston Environmental Association, raising money to fund urban environmental education programs as well as conservation projects in the city. Heron has recently returned to Colorado to study for a Master’s degree in Ecology and Evolution from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. As a new member of 350, he looks forward to continuing the work he loves in his home state. When he’s not rock climbing, hiking, or traveling, Heron works to generate ecological research that can inform future climate policy.



Jacob Sanchez, Board of Directors, Co-Treasurer, Denver, CO

Jacob Sanchez is a Colorado resident of 7 years, having lived in Fort Collins and now Denver. He can trace his passion for environmental  sustainability and the natural world to his summers spent outdoors with his family and in the Boy Scouts of America. After earning his bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of California, San Diego, he joined up with HP Inc. to help the large corporation harness its power for the good of the planet. After some time spent working to make HP’s packaging more sustainable, recyclable, and renewable, he now spends his working hours leading the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure at HP sites and the development of renewable energy projects around the world to push his company to 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality by 2025. He is especially passionate about the transition to clean energy, electrification, and environmental justice.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys exploring the great outdoor spaces of Colorado through skiing, fishing, hiking, and camping. He also spends time volunteering with his two favorite Denver non-profits – We Don’t Waste and Protect Our Rivers. He is also a member of Sierra Club’s Transportation Committee and was part of the Sierra Club team that helped push for the early retirement of Platte River Power Authority’s Rawhide Unit 1 coal plant.

Paul Culnan, Board of Directors, Co-Treasurer, Boulder, CO

Paul Culnan has been a “super-volunteer” with 350 colorado, supporting our organization in virtually every way a person can support us: from financial support to helping with policy analysis to participating in nonviolent direct actions at the Colorado state capitol. He is a prolific writer and has helped bring issues into public view. Beyond his sharp analytical intelligence and patient people skills, Paul doesn’t hesitate to say what needs to be said when testifying in decision-making venues. His willingness to speak truth to power in an intelligent yet unequivocally simple way has helped our elected officials and volunteers alike understand with clarity how we can solve this crisis. He passionately believes we must stop extracting, processing and burning fossil fuels and that political leaders are not doing the job we need them to do on the climate crisis. We, the people must encourage them, in every way possible, to lead the public to a clean prosperous future as quickly as possible. Paul is a retired computer program and enjoys hiking, biking and small boat sailing.


David Alley, Board of Directors, Denver, CO

David Alley co-founded a service business, Designs for Learning in 1992 and served as vice-president, president and CEO. He retired in  2021 and continues to chair the company’s Board of Directors. He has a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Memphis, with an emphasis in Adult and Higher Education. He served a small private college in Arkansas as director of institutional evaluation and planning, associate academic dean, and vice president for student services. David is actively engaged in social change efforts focused on racial justice and climate justice. He is a member of the Environmental Justice committee of Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resilience, The Denver Foundation’s reparations affinity group, Together Colorado’s Climate Justice Committee, Good Business Colorado, and First Unitarian Society of Denver where he is a Trustee. He enjoys running (Twin Cities Marathon 1992, 1994, 2014, 2015 and Boston Marathon 2016), mindful walking, reading, music, hiking, biking and non-technical mountain climbing (Long’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, six times 1978-2016).

“I want to grow and be helpful. My experience with Denver-based climate work includes XR, DSA Eco-socialists, Ecodharma retreats and practice (with “Fierce Vulnerability” NDA training), co-facilitating a new Climate Justice Project at First Unitarian Society of Denver, and moderating Together Colorado’s Climate Justice Committee. However, because 350 Colorado consistently going deep on climate policy and wide in terms of intersectional climate organizing and action, it is a unique place where I think I can be useful and help make a difference.”

Phoebe Dominguez, Board of Directors, Aurora, CO

Phoebe Dominguez is a youth speaker, organizer, and activist. They have lived in Colorado their entire life. They have been volunteering with 350 Colorado for over 3 years and is the co-chair of the Youth Action Committee. Phoebe has been a part of countless climate efforts and campaigns over the years fighting for a future worth living.

When they are not spending time volunteering, they enjoy playing volleyball, video games, and the cello. Phoebe is excited to start high school and help bring a younger perspective to the 350 Colorado executive board.

Patricia Garcia-Nelson, Board of Directors, Greeley, CO


Patricia Garcia-Nelson was born and raised in Northern Colorado. Her family has lived in Greeley since her parents immigrated from Mexico in the late 1970s. Her son Diego is a student at Bella Romero Academy, where the construction of a 24 oil well pad site has been approved, less than 700 feet from the playground. She was the sole parent plaintiff in a case against the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and Extraction Oil & Gas, for the approval of the permits. For years, she has worked with 350 Colorado, Colorado Rising, Safe and Healthy Colorado, Weld Air and Water and other organizations to raise awareness about Bella Romero and residential drilling.


Charlea Howard, Board of Directors, Colorado Springs

Charlea has lived in Colorado Springs her entire life and values her community greatly. Her work in non-profits complements her passion for Sustainability. After over a year of serving as the 350 Colorado Springs Local Team Coordinator, she stepped away from the organization to finish her degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability at UCCS.

Now employed as the Food Access Coordinator at an equity-focused food rescue nonprofit in Colorado Springs, Charlea is thrilled to rejoin the team in a different capacity with important new insights. In her free time, Charlea enjoys embarking on alpine hikes, time with loved ones, and enjoying a good cup of coffee. She is excited to re-immerse herself into this work and make many more impactful connections through 350 Colorado as a board member.


Chris Herr, Board of Directors, Denver

Chris grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota before making his way out to Colorado in 2007 where he initially landed in Colorado Springs but has been in Denver since 2014. He earned a B.A. in History from UCCS and a Master’s of Pubic Administration from CU Denver. Chris has served as the Director of Sustainability for the Auraria Campus in Downtown Denver since 2017 and ran for the Denver District 2 City Council seat in 2023 to make environmental issues a greater focus for the City. With a two-year-old son and another one on the way in 2024, Chris is dedicated to forging a livable future for his family and yours.

When he’s not thinking about climate change and sustainability issues, Chris is spending time with his family and friends, playing music, watching football, and tinkering with several personal projects. As a new member of the 350 Colorado Board, he is excited to see what sort of progress he can make on our regional environmental issues and how to generally increase support for the great work this organization has been doing for the past decade.

Daniel Price, Board of Directors, Commerce City, CO

Daniel Price was born and raised in the Chicago-Metro region in a multi-racial, multi-faith family with a neurodivergent sibling. Politically active from a young age, he received his BA in History from the University of Rochester and spent seven years living and working in international development, teaching, and education in Ghana, India, the Republic of Georgia, Guyana, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Much of that time was spent living off-grid in villages with indigenous peoples. He Served in the United States Peace Corps as a Preventative Health Educator working to halt mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in the Amazon rainforest. He speaks an indigenous language and is an expert in tropical farming & permaculture. He received multiple awards from the US Department of State for spearheading school gardens in the Marshall Islands working with youth to combat chronic diseases while connecting to traditional land-use practices and foods, and rehabilitating soils and ecosystems. He is currently a project manager in local government managing operations for parks, trails, and open spaces in Commerce City and is pursuing a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Colorado in Denver. Living just 2 miles north of the Suncor Oil Refinery as well as his experiences living and working in the Marshall Islands–ground zero for the US government’s 67 nuclear tests–were his “Aha” moments which inspire him in his fight for environmental justice, regenerative agriculture, and democracy.


350 Colorado Interns



Marianna White, Development & Fundraising Intern

Marianna is a MPH – Environmental Health and Global Health student at the Colorado School for Public Health. She is passionate about climate change adaptation, mitigation, and equity. In her free time she loves to train jiu jitsu, write poetry, and hangout with her cat, Biff. Marianna(at)350colorado.org.



Angie Berktold, Fundraising & Grant-Writing Intern

Angie is an enthusiast of snow, mountains, outdoors, movement, and connecting with nature. She grew up in Minnesota, came toColorado for a music therapy internship and happily stayed. Her background has primarily been as a board-certified music therapist, working in mental health hospital units as well as home & community based services. Recently earning an MBA with added courses in sustainability has driven a desire to work more in the area of climate justice (while of course intertwined with social justice). Angie also loves animals, including spending time with her pup Groot. Angie(at)350colorado.org




Lauren Paschke, Communications Intern

Lauren is a rising junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Public Relations. She is passionate about raising awareness surrounding environmental degradation, environmental justice, and restoration practices. She is excited to continue her work in environmentalism this summer and throughout her career. Although she is originally from Chicago, she has loved living in Colorado for the past couple of years. She loves traveling, learning about sustainable farming techniques, reading, and going on long hikes with her pup, Patton. lauren@350colorado.org.



Lily-Ann Smith, Northern Colorado Team Intern

Lily-Ann is from Estes Park, Colorado. She currently attends Denison University in Ohio, although resides in Colorado outside of the school year. She is passionate about climate change education, LBGTQ+ advocacy, and education equity. In her free time she loves to paint, explore nature, and cook. lilyann@350colorado.org.




Alannah Gibney, Promoting Climate Solutions Intern

Alannah is a junior at Prospect Ridge Academy High School. Ever since she moved to Colorado she has developed a deep passion for the environment and learning to live sustainably. She loves spending time outdoors with her family and being an active member in her school community. She also loves to read as well as write in her free time. alannah@350colorado.org.




Sadie Forkner, Movement Building Intern

Sadie is originally from Denver but grew up in Fort Collins. She is a student & community member in the Johnston Center forIntegrative Studies at the University of Redlands, where she studies writing, literature, and community. As a writer, Sadie is interested in the role of effective outreach, education, and communication in building movements that work toward environmental justice. In her spare time, Sadie watches movies with friends, reads, writes essays and poetry, and explores the wildland urban interface. sadie@350colorado.org