2020 was a difficult year for many. From layoffs, kids at home, losing loved ones, and so much more, the struggles of last year will forever shape our lives. As we headed into our end of the year fundraiser, our most critical moment in the year to determine what kind of work we can do in 2021, we were unsure what capacity our donors would have to give this year.

As a small grassroots organization, over 86% of the donations we receive are $50 or under, showing the power of this movement as a group of everday people who want to make a positive difference in the world. In a time where many people can give less, our generous matching committee stepped up to the plate to bolster our hundreds of grassroots donors and help them make an even bigger impact by doubling or tripling donations!

That is why today we are celebrating our matching committee as our climate heroes of the month! 

Without the help of this amazing group of donors, our end of year fundraising efforts would have not been nearly as succesfull. This matching fund helped to recruit new donors and encouraged indivudals to give by showing them that they are supported by a vast network of passionate “forces of nature.”

Please join us in thanking and celebrating our 2020 End of Year Matching Committee: 

  • 350CO Force of Nature: Debbie Lane & Steve Szabo
  • 350CO Superstar: Sisters of Saint Francis, Leslie Schein
  • 350CO Sponsors: Margot Ritchie, Elliot Dickerson, Felix Schein, Gina Hardin, Chris Crosby, Diana and Leigh Bray, Innovo Foundation
  • 350CO Friends: Miranda Glasbergen, Sunni Benoit, Diane Rosenthal, Kevin Cross, Barney White, Henry Lord, Jessica and Daren Gartner, Julie Wolf

To our matching committee, we cannot thank you enough for stepping up and showing your commitment to climate action. Your support of our efforts mean the world to us and provided an important support system for our community. You are a true force of nature and thanks to your generosity we skyrocketed past our goal, raising over $100,000 that will allow us to ramp up at even faster speeds than we thought possible and ensure 2021 will forever be remembered as the year of climate action!


Interested in becoming a future matching donor? Email our Development Director Julia Williams at outreach@350colorado.org.

Didn’t get a chance to give before the end of the year? You can still donate here!