Members of the 350 CO Renewable Energy Committee Tour Jack’s Solar Garden. The Popejoys helped to inspire this tour.

This month we are excited to celebrate Colorado Springs Team members Robert Popejoy & Michelle Popejoy! This father and daughter team have been strong advocates for climate action, having supported both local team efforts via the 350 Colorado Springs local team as well as supporting the 350CO Renewable Energy and Regenerative Agriculture Committees over the years and most recently participating in 350 Colorado’s Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion trainings and efforts in 2022. They have also plugged into the 350CO Movement Building Committee calls this past year and are always looking for ways to support and get involved.

Robert got involved with the 350 Colorado Springs local team in October 2017. It wasn’t very long before Michelle joined in as well in March 2019. The Colorado Springs team, alongside other organizations in the city, organized tirelessly these last years to close the Martin Drake coal plant. Through their dedication and hard work they were able to see an early closure of the high-polluter in the Fall of 2021. Today, as the fate of the closed plant site is still being determined by city officials and agencies, Robert keeps a close eye on any developments and attends coalition meetings to stay in the loop. It will take time to figure out how to handle this costly project, as many feet of top soil have to be removed first and foremost in order to make the site safe for construction or development.

Over the years Robert and Michelle have been lead members of 350CO’s Renewable Energy Committee and in 2019 they played key leadership roles in organizing 350CO’s first ever Renewable Energy Summit which focused on ‘Moving Beyond Fracked Gas.’

Through the summit as well as Renewable Energy Committee efforts, Robert and Michelle were instrumental in promoting renewable energy solutions and supporting the just transition to renewable energy in Colorado, with a focus on emerging alternative solutions to fracked gas usage in our homes and daily lives. Robert and Michelle’s work with 350CO served to offer solutions and consider alternative energy possibilities in our state.

Over the years Robert has been a strong proponent of agrivoltaic agriculture which inspired the 350CO Renewable Committee to connect with Jack’s Solar Garden and host a tour for members to learn more and get involved.  “Robert has been a tireless advocate for innovative and emerging renewable technologies, and I have always been able to count on him to bring new ideas to our organization and to help us keep up to speed on opportunities which will accelerate our transition away from fossil fuels toward a more sustainable future,” shared Deb McNamara, Development and Communications Director for 350 Colorado. “Robert has been bringing forth ideas and news to our staff on a regular basis and I can’t say enough how much this has helped to shape our thinking and efforts.”

“Both Robert and Michelle have been clear leaders in our Colorado climate movement and I’m so glad we can take a moment to honor them both before they set sail for a new chapter. These are the best of people – doing what can be done to make this world a better place. We are so grateful for the years of collaboration and volunteerism.” – The 350 Colorado Team

All good things must come to an end, and with this new year comes a new chapter for the Popejoys in Arizona. We wish them both all the best in this next chapter! Thank you both for all the years of hard work, leadership and support.

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