350 Colorado is a grassroots organization that thrives thanks to our wonderful, dedicated members, team leaders, board of directors, and our executive director (our only full-time staff person). We are always looking to grow, so please email micah(at)350colorado.org if you would like to join our team of volunteers!

Our Board of Directors:

Barbara Donachy, email, 720.989.4185, Denver, Denver County, CObarabara-donachy-no-caption

Secretary, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Semi-Retired Studio Artist and Arts Activist; Climate Activist

Barbara has been a resident of Colorado for 44 years. She lives in Denver as do her three children and one grandchild. Like her, they all love our beautiful rivers, mountains, forests, plains, and climate. Barbara spent 25 years as a studio artist and arts activist, another seven as a nonprofit coordinator, and five as a residential counselor with the Coalition for the Homeless while studying for a master’s degree in public health. She is a Quaker and practicing Buddhist, and is semi-retired. About four years ago she was awakened to climate change as an extreme crisis after watching Chasing Ice. Since then she has devoted her time to trying to put the brakes on climate change through working on ballot initiatives, lobbying, doing research, distributing flyers, and showing up.

“I admire the on-the-ground methods and philosophy of 350 and feel nourished by working alongside committed and like-minded people to bring about change. That’s why I serve on the 350 Colorado board.” – Barbara Donachy

Elizabeth Fuhr, email, 720.448.4818, Denver, Denver County, COliz-fuhr-mountains-no-caption

Board Member, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Sister, Order of St. Francis, Sisters of St. Francis Catholic Church; Environmental and Naturalist Guide

Elizabeth (Liz) is a Franciscan Sister who bring groups to the Rocky Mountains to encounter the beauty and live relationally to the Earth. Professionally she brings advanced studies in Chemistry, Spirituality and Psychology.

“Since my passion is the care of the earth, I feel it is a perfect fit to lend my efforts to the 350 Colorado Board.” – Liz Fuhr

elisabeth gick

Elisabeth Gick, email, Boulder, Boulder County, CO

Board Member, 350 Colorado, and 350 Boulder County co-team leader

“I grew up a city girl, but good fortune brought me to Telluride, CO in 1979 where I lived until 2013 when a newborn granddaughter lured me to Boulder. Colorado has taught me a deep love and appreciation for the natural world along with the strong desire to protect it for many generations to come. I can bear the present threat to our environment only if I stay engaged and active. 350 is the perfect venue for me.”

Razz Gormley, email, Boulder, Boulder County, COrazz-gormley-no-caption

Board Member, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Organizer, Frack Free Colorado

Razz Gormley is a Campaign Director and founding member of Frack Free Colorado.  A committed and passionate grassroots activist, Razz played a major role in supporting most of the local ballot measures to defend the Front Range of Colorado from runaway Oil & Gas Development.  Razz is also a member of the Coloradans Against Fracking steering committee and Colorado Rising, but is probably best known for his role as a climber in the #ShellNoPDX action, wherein he and 12 others rappelled from the St. John’s Bridge in Portland, OR and remained suspended for 40 hours in an attempt to block Shell’s Ice-Breaker from reaching a drill site in the pristine Chukchi Sea–an action which has called global attention to the issue of Arctic drilling and led to a cancellation of all of the area’s Oil & Gas leases for the foreseeable future.

“I support frontline and marginalized communities across our state so they can protect themselves from the inherent harms of fracking, with a focus on: self-empowerment, non-violent community defense, and grassroots movement building.” – Razz Gormley

Gina Hardin, email, 303.525.3076, Denver, Denver County, COgina-hardin-cropped-no-caption

President, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Retired Attorney; Current Host AirBnB; Climate Activist

Gina is a long time activist; a non-practicing attorney; new grandmother of Ayla; and an Airbnb host. She loves alpine and nordic skiing, backpacking, biking, water and mountains. She is inspired by her never-ending awe of nature. As a founder of and lawyer for Ratepayers United of Colorado, she represented Xcel ratepayers’ interest in clean renewable energy at lowest possible long term cost. As Chair of Colorado Common Cause, she was a leader in the effort to limit big money in politics through passage of Amendment 65 and for open and accountable government, so critical to her current effort to limit the severity of climate change.

” I am active with 350 Colorado because I have no choice but to fight for the well-being of all I love, but that is threatened by climate change.” – Gina Hardin

Doug Henderson, email, Fort Collins, Larimer County, COdoug-henderson-no-caption

Board Member Co-Treasurer, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Retired

Doug lives in Colorado by choice, drawn by the friendly people, beautiful environment, and sunny climate. He grew up in manicured East Coast suburbia. His first real exposure to nature and the great outdoors came in his late teens when he joined a hiking club and spent weekends hiking and camping in the southern Appalachians, as well as becoming engaged in conservation politics. He pursued his environmental interests in schooling and then professionally in natural resource management, engaged in international development in Asia, east Africa, Oceana, as well as the US, working with a wide range of stakeholders – farmers and rural people, NGOs, government agencies and officials, the UN, the World Bank, and more.

“My experience over 30 years in 20-plus countries taught me that environmental sustainability and social justice are intertwined and inseparable, that one cannot be pursued or achieved without the other. I appreciate 350.org for its clarity and focus on the climate crisis, its boldness in calling for urgent change, its courage to call out and challenge those who are causing grievous climate damage and obstructing a rapid shift away from fossil fuels — and this is why I puts my efforts for climate sanity into and through 350 Colorado and its partners.   Onward!” – Doug Henderson

Robert Parker, email, 719.942.4389, Coaldale, Fremont County, COrobert-parker-no-caption1cropped

Vice-President, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; 350 Central Colorado Team Leader; Professional Artist, Owner Art Gallery; Climate Activist

Bob is a professional sculptor, painter and photographer.  Bob and his wife Kay own Itty Bitty Lakes in Bighorn Sheep Canyon,  Coaldale, Colorado. Itty Bitty Lakes houses an art gallery, studios, several indoor and outdoor animal friends, a small campground on the wild Arkansas River, the community Post Office, and the couple themselves.

“This beautiful location represents to me what we stand to lose forever if the climate continues to spiral out towards creating an Earth that is not habitable to life as we know it. For 16 years I was a volunteer firefighter.  Sometimes we were sent to one of several states to fight federal wildfires. I watched the immediate results of dramatic heating and drying in the American West. Upon retiring from firefighting and learning of the efforts of Bill McKibben fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground I decided to join him and fight the Earth’s greatest wildfire of all time – Climate Change.” – Bob Parker

Kay Parker, email, 719.942.4389, Coaldale, Fremont County, COkay-parker-no-caption

Board Member, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; 350 Central Colorado Team Leader; Co-Owner Itty Bitty Lakes Art Gallery; Climate Activist

Kay is co-owner of Gallery Artpost at Itty Bitty Lakes in Coaldale, Colorado.  She is a mother and grandmother. Kay is also active in her church and works to help people of faith become aware of Climate Change.

“I want my children and grandchildren and all of the young people on Earth to have a beautiful and livable home to be healthy, happy, have clean air to breath, clean water to drink and nutritious food to eat.  My vision for our future has no chance of happening unless we keep all fossil fuels in the ground. This is what motivates me to be an Activist in the streets and out of my comfort zone – and boy is it ever out of my comfort zone.”

Irina Sedova, email, 202.812.8250, Longmont, Boulder County, COirina-sedova-no-caption

Board Member and Co-Treasurer, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Director, Principium Investments

Irina serves as Director at Principium Investments, an asset management firm specializing in environmentally and socially responsible investing. Prior to moving to Colorado, Irina managed poverty alleviation, economic development and human rights programs in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.  In 2013, she experienced first-hand the devastating effects of intensifying storms as her residence, along with many others, was ravaged by floods in Lyons, CO. As a Colorado Master Gardener with a keen interest in permaculture, Irina is working with our Boulder chapter to promote local organic food and regenerative agriculture practices as climate change solutions.

“I am active in the 350 Colorado campaign to encourage individuals and institutions to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in climate change solutions.  I focus my efforts on climate change because it is one of the most pressing and cross-cutting issues of our time.” – Irina Sedova

“Climate change worries me because humanity stands to lose so much from its effects, even whole cultures could be lost to rising seas and extreme weather. I used to worry this was a problem for my grandkids, but now it’s clear it’s a problem for right now, for me and my kids.” – Jessica Stone Troy

Martin Voelker, email, Golden, Jefferson County, COmartin-voelker-no-caption

Board Member, 350 Colorado Board of Directors; Co-founder of the JeffCo chapter, Colorado Renewable Energy Society ; Photographer

Martin has worked as a newspaper and science reporter, and host of a progressive radio show. While long concerned about the climate crisis it was Bill McKibben’s powerful 2012 article “Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math” to made him realize that basic physics and chemistry dictate that our climate will inevitably spiral out of control unless we stop burning fossil fuels very soon. After meeting Bill in Boulder in 2013 Martin fully committed. He co-founded a chapter of the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES), revived the Green task force at his Unitarian church, trained with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, co-founded New Energy Colorado and joined the Boards of CRES and 350Colorado.

“I mainly organize events on climate solutions through Renewable Energy as I believe people need empowering information to meet what is truly the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.” – Martin Voelker

Leslie Weise, email, Monument, El Paso County, COleslie-weiss-no-caption

Board Secretary, 350 Colorado; 350 Colorado Springs Team Leader

Leslie is an intellectual property lawyer who focuses her work with companies solving the climate crisis and technologies that replace fossil fuels as our energy source.  Leslie has been involved as a climate activist since George W. Bush withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol as one of his first acts of presidency.  She has been very active in bringing awareness of the health, safety and economic costs of fossil fuels in Colorado Springs that is still over 70% dependent on coal for energy production, and is working for the decommission of the Martin Drake Power Plant, located central to downtown. Leslie was among the over 1,000 protesters who were arrested at the White House with Bill McKibben to shut down the Keystone Pipeline.  Leslie has a ten-year old son, and they take every opportunity they can to enjoy the natural beauty that Colorado has to offer.

“I am part of 350 Colorado because I believe it is among the most impactful organizations dealing with our climate crisis.” – Leslie Weise

Local Team Leaders:

350 Denver Team Co-Leaders: Barbara Donachy  (featured above) & Lianna Iacob

LiannaLianna Iacob, email, 350 Denver Team Co-Leader, Denver, Denver County, CO

Lianna is a transplant from Michigan where she studied Environmental Science and Consumer Science.  She came to Colorado because the mountains were calling her and enjoys hiking around in her new home.  Lianna has always been passionate about the relationship between nature human kind.  She is especially interested in the practice of living a sustainable lifestyle.  During the 2016 election she realized she had a special interest in grassroots and became active in the local 350 scene. She quickly found a place in life working with the Denver team and is enthusiastic about fighting for the transition to a sustainable future.

Thank you to 350 Colorado for taking me under your wing!”

350 Boulder County Team Co-Leaders: Elisabeth Gick (featured above) & Mark Steele

marksteeleMark Steele, email, 350 Boulder CountyTeam Co-Leader, Boulder, Boulder County, CO

Mark spent much of the past 20 years working with about a dozen non-profits, including a decade as creative director for Blue Planet Network, a global non-profit he helped launch in 2004.

“I’m now most focused on issues that affect my own family, especially future grand kids. These issues are global problems, created by us, which means we can solve them. But every day we wait, we make this task harder. Several years ago, 350.org impressed me as creating the most bang for the buck in terms of building awareness and affecting change. I wanted to get actively involved locally, and 350 Colorado provides the opportunity to participate in many great programs, that address the challenges of climate change, which we can carry out in Colorado to impact the world.”

350 Central Colorado Team Co-Leaders: Bob and Kay Parker (featured above in Board list)

350 Fort Collins Team Co-Leaders: Doug Henderson (featured above) & Sarah Romano, email

Sarah Romano
email–  350 Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, Larimer County

A native of northern California, Sarah grew up camping in redwood forests and enjoying the Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Bodega Bay coastlines. She received her PhD in Politics from UC Santa Cruz and works as a professor teaching environmental, global, and Latin American politics at the University of Northern Colorado. Her research on rural water management means she often spends summer weeks and months traveling to visit small-scale water projects and talk with community-based water managers in the northern highlands of Nicaragua. As an environmental activist, Sarah is active in the 350 Northern Colorado team, particularly in regard to the issue of hydraulic fracturing. When she’s away from her desk, Sarah enjoys live music (especially reggae!), hiking in the Colorado mountains, and climbing at her local gym.

350 Colorado Springs Team Leaders: Leslie Weise (featured above) & Amy Gray
Amy Gray email – 350 Colorado Springs Co-leader, Colorado Springs, El Paso County350profilepic
Born and raised in Colorado, Amy is a former Domestic Violence Counselor and Women Rights Advocate from Fort Collins, CO. She and her husband reside in Colorado Springs with their two boys. They enjoy camping, hiking and fishing in the Rocky Mountains. She is a staunch environmental activist and is passionate about the 350 Colorado Springs campaign to decommission the Martin Drake Power Plant, bringing renewable energy to the Pikes Peak Region. Amy has been a long time supporter of 350 campaigns and began her journey into activism fighting the KXL Pipeline.
“When I said I was going to be an activist, I said I was going to work with the very best or nothing at all. I love 350, and I am honored to fight next to the incredible people here at 350 Colorado.”

Staff Members:

Micah Parkin, email, 504.258.1247, Boulder, Boulder County, COmicah-parkin-no-caption

Executive Director and co-Founder, 350 Colorado

Micah Parkin is a founder and Executive Director of 350 Colorado. She has 20+ years of experience as a climate and clean energy advocate, community leader and organizer, and nonprofit director – first in New Orleans, Louisiana, and since 2007 in Colorado. Micah serves on the City of Boulder’s Clean Energy Technical Team, as well as the RenewablesYES and Empower Our Future teams, which are citizen-led efforts to municipalize Boulder’s electric power in order to transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable power.  She serves on the steering committee for the Coloradans Against Fracking coalition and the board of Colorado Rising, which is working to pass ballot initiatives to restrict fracking near communities.  Micah also serves on “The Shed” – Making Local Food Work coalition and created the Boulder Edible Landscapes Coalition to promote local food growing and access for all community members.  She received a 2014 “FearLess Women Leading GREEN” award, Sierra Club’s 2007 Delta Chapter Black Bear Award, and 2014 BVSD Superintendent’s Honor Roll for creation of a model Greenhouse & Garden to Table Program at Columbine Elementary. Micah is the mother of two daughters who fuel her passion to build a powerful climate and clean energy movement, create resilient communities and transition to a sustainable future.

“I do this work because I believe we have a responsibility to ensure that future generations inherit an Earth as beautiful and capable of sustaining life as we were born into, and that our decisions today will determine their fate.” – Micah Parkin

Julia Williams, email, Lakewood, Denver County, CONew Microsoft Office Publisher Document

Volunteer Coordinator, 350 Colorado

An active environmentalist, outdoor enthusiast and taco aficionado, Julia was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.  After years of witnessing changing landscapes, severe drought and shorter winters, she decided to pursue a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy to protect the places she loves most for future generations.  With her minor in public relations, she seeks to utilize communications and sociological concepts to motivate environmentally friendly behavior.

While living in California, Julia became frustrated by the endless amounts of trash littering the beaches and began organizing environmental stewardship programs for Orange County Coastkeeper.  As the director of Cleanup OC and a public relations consultant, she engaged over 10,000 volunteers in beach cleanups, removing over 62,000 pounds of trash from Orange County’s coastline. A recently trained Climate Reality Leader, Julia hopes unite individuals, businesses, nonprofits and municipalities in the movement towards a climate secure future.

“There is nothing I enjoy more than connecting people with the planet and each other, I am excited for the opportunity to engage and inspire individuals alongside 350 Colorado. Join me for a cup of coffee so I can get to know you!” – Julia Williams

Advisory Board Members:

Bill McKibben, author and co-founder of 350.org

James Balog, photographer and filmmaker of “Chasing Ice”

Hunter Lovins, President of Natural Capitalism Solutions and Principium LLC