We’re working hard to build the climate movement in Colorado, and we would love your help!
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What Can You Do Today? Complete An Action Item!

Go Fossil Free: Divest-Invest Pledge

We can have a huge impact collectively when we move our money from fossil fuels to climate solutions.  With renewable energy becoming more competitive every day, we can promote a healthy planet and economic security by divesting from fossil fuels and reinvesting in solutions.

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Fight Climate Change with your Fork

Did you know that the globalized food system contributes to as much as 19-30 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions? Choosing to reduce meat consumption and purchase local, organic food can have a variety of environmental and health benefits.  

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Contact your Representatives

Hold your representatives accountable and let them know you are watching!  Don’t be afraid to call multiple times, It’s as easy as taking five minutes of your day to show your representatives you care about a climate issues.

Don’t know who your representatives are? Text your zip code to: 520-200-2223

Call or write a letter to your representatives asking him or her:

    • Vote NO on H.J. Res. 36, the Congressional Review Act “Resolution of Disapproval” of the Methane and Waste Prevention Rule.
    • Vote against HR 861 and HR 958, two proposed bills to undermine or eliminate the EPA
    • Support the Paris Agreement and encourage them to continue working to meet our commitments
    • Stop Fracking: Call on your elected state representatives to place a moratorium or ban on fracking. Click Here to Send a Letter in Less than Three Minutes
    • Put a price on carbon by supporting a federal Carbon Tax
    • Encourage and support an executive order to cut emissions
      • Call Governor Hickenlooper at (303) 866-2471
    • Support clean air and water, tell them their constituents are watching their vote
    • Encourage your city council/mayor/businesses to move to 100% renewable energy
    • You stand against federal climate denial

Support something your representative is doing? THANK THEM!  


Low on time but want to contribute? Any contribution helps us in our many projects to build a movement towards a clean, healthy future.  Contribute to the movement today! 

Upcoming Events

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*Apr. 17, 5pm - Stay the Course for Clean Local Power! Rally & City Council Hearing, Municipal Building• 1777 Broadway, Boulder

*Apr.18, 6-8pm - Art Build/Poster Making for People's Climate March, Impact HUB• 1877 Broadway #100, Boulder

*Apr. 23, 2-3pm & 3-4pm - People's Climate March Marshal Training, Denver Highlands UMC• 3131 Osceola St, Denver, CO 80304

*Apr. 22, 10am-4pm - Colorado Earth Day & Science March Civic Center Park & State Capitol• Colfax and Bannock, Denver 80202

*Apr. 29, 10am-2pm - People’s Climate March on Denver Denver's Civic Center Park• Colfax and Bannock, Denver 80202

For more events and actions, visit www.colivableclimate.org

People’s Climate March on Denver

Join us April 29th to march for climate justice! Get involved!

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Colorado Rising!

Colorado is at a crossroads: The fossil fuel industry is invading our neighborhoods and suing our communities for protecting themselves. Get involved with the Colorado Rising campaign! Let's defend our health, homes and climate from fracking.

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Demanding Transparency & Accountability from Colorado Springs Utilities

350CO is demanding the release of reports showing air quality violations from the Drake Coal Plant